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  • Chat with AI on every website

  • Chat with 20+ top AI models (GPT-4, Claude-3, etc)

  • Chat with Websites

  • Chat with Documents

  • Gmail Email Writer

  • Chat with Code Interpretor

  • Youtube Summarizer

  • Blog Summarizer

  • Linkedin DM Response Assistant

  • Linkedin Pro Connect

  • Code Explainer

  • Youtube Transcription tool

  • Doppel - Create a chatbot out of any person's public tweets

  • Generate AI images & art ('Bonkers')

  • Tweetify - make tweets out of youtube videos

  • Chat with custom Chatbots made by community

  • Prompt library to save frequently used prompts

  • Twitter commenter

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Everyday Usecases

No matter what you do, Merlin AI is there to help you work faster

  • Get thorough and efficient guidelines on creating effective business models.
  • Use AI for business data analytics and reporting.
  • Generate insights for your business challenges & strategies.
  • Get summarized competitor dynamics.
  • Accurately capture essential info from legal documents, complex contracts & lengthy reports.
  • Generate coherent and evidence-supported research papers.
  • Get research insights & Literature review with citations in minutes.
  • Produce logical and structured thesis outlines with AI assistant
  • Generate blog outlines and marketing copies.
  • Create Social Media content ideas to engage the audience.
  • Repurpose video content into text
  • Create quizzes or questionnaire from any online book or lecture video
  • Generate content for educational materials.
  • Search with AI to get instant info on any topic
  • Chat with any website to get instant answers & learn new things.
  • Ask AI any question and get an instant response
  • Write essays, and assignments in seconds
  • Use Merlin AI detector to check your answers.
  • Generate resume & cover letters
  • Pro Connect with hiring managers on LinkedIn
  • Generate Product Ads copy instantly.
  • Create captivating blog outlines and articles.
  • Write Emails for your campaigns.
  • Make your content unique with 70+ writing tools such as Plagiarism checker, Paraphrasing tool
  • Use AI to code in multiple languages.
  • Understand project context and coding style faster
  • Get debug solutions instantly.
  • Use AI for software testing.
  • Analyze multiple data files.
  • Generate Reports within seconds.
  • Create dashboards using AI for thorough analysis.
  • Use AI for predictive analysis.
  • Generate SQL statements and Python scripts in seconds
Customer support
Customer support
  • Generate appropriate replies to customer queries.
  • Summarize long product descriptions for better understanding.
  • Analyze customer feedback and sentiments.
  • Respond to a multitude of customer queries.
One Account for all AI needs
1. The best AI tool to Research, Write & Summarize
2. 20x higher limits than ChatGPT.
3. Best alternative to Poe, Perplexity, ChatPDF, etc.
4. Official partnerships with all top LLM providers.
5. SOC2, GDPR, ISO compliant
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billed annually

Wall of Love

Merlin gives you the power of OpenAI’s ChatGPT on all your favourite websites. Everywhere you search or write online, you can use Merlin to quickly edit your emails, write twitter replies or create excel formulas using AI.

Ali Abdaal


A free Chrome extension that uses OpenAI's ChatGPT to help you with your online tasks.• Write Blogs and Articles • Write e mails faster • Developer friendly, write codes

Hamza Khalid





Merlin AI Chrome plugin provides multiple superpowers for better AI usage. Merlin AI saves time, reduces errors, and enables effective collaboration

Glassfull Media


Merlin es una extensión de Google Chrome que te permite chatear con un modelo de lenguaje de inteligencia artificial llamado GPT (Generative Pre-training Transformer).

Fran Salas - PluginsWeb


Chrome extension to access ChatGPT on any site. It can be downloaded from the Google Chrome store. Special features: - Write emails - Interact on social media - Summarize websites

Rez Karim


Merlin The perfect copilot for web browsing. Merlin is a Chrome extension that I use to summarize: • Web pages • YouTube videos Honestly love this thing — a phenomenal time-saver.

Matt Mic


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Merlin AI?

Merlin is an AI Chrome Extension and web app that works as your AI-powered assistant, saving time and money. It provides top AI models such as ChatGPT, GPT 4 , Claude, Opus, Llama, Mistral etc. to generate AI responses on Google search, summarizes Youtube videos, blogs, documents (pdf or ppt), writes post and replies to comments on LinkedIn, Twitter and Gmail. Merlin translate into more than twenty-five languages.

How does Merlin AI chrome extension work?

Once installed as a Chrome extension on the browser, you can open Merlin AI Chatbot on any website using the shortcut: ctrl/ cmd+M. On specific websites such as Twitter (now X), LinkedIn, Youtube and Gmail, you would find Merlin buttons for easy access.

What is the difference between Merlin Teams and Merlin Pro Plans?

In Merlin Teams, you can buy a plan for your team of 5 or above and pay per team member. This means teams can save costs by distributing costs across users. Whereas Merlin pro plans are ideal for solo users who prefer unlimited queries don’t want to be limited in their daily use.

Is Merlin free to use?

Yes, Merlin AI is FREE and safe to use. Every users get 102 free queries everyday. These queries can be used by the user to run multiple AI models such as GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Claude , Opus, Mistral, Gemini etc.

Merlin consume 30 queries when user ask Merlin anything using GPT 4, Gemini 1.5, Mistral large model whereas GPT 3.5, Gemini, Claude 3 Haiku etc. model consume only 1 query.

Do I need ChatGPT or Claude or Gemini or Llama account?

No, You will not need separate accounts to use top AI models such as ChatGPT or Claude or Mistral or Llama. You can create a free account at and get access to all top models under one account.

Which search engine is supported by Merlin?

Merlin currently supports Google, Baidu, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, and Yandex.

How do I install merlin in my browser?

To install Merlin on your browser, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. In your browser open the browser's app store or Google Chrome store
  2. Search for the Merlin extension in the chrome store
  3. Click on the 'Add to Browser' or 'Install' button to begin the installation process.
  4. Once the installation is complete, you will be redirected to our onboarding page
  5. That’s it! viola! You are done :) . Please pin the extension for easy access.

What counts as a query in Merlin search?

When you ask Merlin anything and click enter that's called one query. If you are on the search engine like Google, Merlin gives response automatically and that does not counts as a query, Merlin provide FREE searches on Google.

How do I keep a track of my free queries?

When you open Merlin using Cmd+M, On top left corner you will see your count of queries.

Why merlin is not opening after installation?

Refresh only the tabs that were already open before installing merlin. But for the new tabs that you open here after installing of Merlin there no need to refresh.

But as a good practice please do refresh if merlin doesn't come up or certain things are amiss!

ChatGPT is banned in my country. Will Merlin still be operational in my country?

No worries if chatgpt is banned in your country. Merlin works in all countries. So you can use our product from anywhere in this world.

why should i prefer Merlin over Chat GPT for my Team?

Merlin for teams plan is cheaper than ChatGPT enterprise also merlin provide data confidentiality and security via a central Admin dashboard. With us, your data always stays safe from external AI models. Check out all our features here.

Can other people in my team see all the searches I did on Merlin?

No, Merlin for Business keeps your searches private from everyone on the team account. The team admin can only track the number of words you use.

What is the payment mode for Merlin for Teams?

You can opt for the Merlin for teams plan, all the supporting payment options such as credit cards, debit cards are available. The plan offers $15 per person for the annual plan or 19 $ per person for the monthly plan for a team of a minimum 5 members or more.

How much usage is included per month in the plan?

Unlimited usage is included per month in the Merlin pro plan.

Can I buy Merlin For Teams for just a few people on my team or do I have to buy it for everyone in my workspace?

You can add as many people as you want on your Merlin for teams account - whether it’s just members from a specific department or the entire team.

Can I switch from my Merlin Individual plan to the Team plan?

Absolutely. If you’re at the end of your billing cycle, just cancel the individual plan and subscribe to the business plan via your account or by using your company’s login details.

In case you’re in the middle of your billing cycle, reach out to us at - we’ll help you make the transition.

Does Merlin track or save my data and history?

We do not track or save any of your actions on any websites, other than when you explicitly send us a query. You can also check out our privacy policy.