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Eva Mendes


I ran an AI tool listing website & Merlin is my best performing listing so far. It offers so many features, loved by my audience. I earn ~$2000 every month through Merlin affiliate.


Carter Housten


I'm an AI enthusiast, I love creating short videos on AI tools, Merlin with its unique features always impress my audience. I have earned ~$2600 commission last month just by creating a video about it on my TikTok.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Merlin AI?

Merlin is an AI tool, helps in enhancing your workflow by summarizing videos, scraping websites, responding to emails, growing your audience on social media and much more.

What is Merlin AI Affiliate Program?

The Merlin affiliate program offers individuals the opportunity to earn a 30% recurring commission for each sale they bring to Merlin through their affiliate link.

How can I participate in the Merlin Affiliate Program?

You can join the program by creating an Affiliate Partner Account, connecting your payment method, customizing your affiliate link.

When and how I will be paid?

You will be paid on or around the first working week of every month. The minimum first payout for affiliates is $50.

Where can I find support or assistance for the Merlin Affiliate Program?

For any queries or support, you can reach out to for assistance.

What type of promotional materials are available for affiliates?

The affiliate program provides a marketing kit with various materials including official logos, marketing emails, social media posts, and more to assist affiliates in promoting Merlin.

Are there specific guidelines for promoting Merlin on social media?

Affiliates are encouraged to tag Merlin on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube and provided with templates for easy promotion.

What other support and engagement options are available for affiliates?

Affiliates are encouraged to join the Merlin Discord community for quick support, engagement with other users, and fun.

What is your cookie length?

The Merlin Affiliate Program offers 60 days of cookie life. If someone clicks your affiliate link and signs up for Merlin pro subscription within the specified time frame (60 days), you should receive commission for the referral.

When do I earn commissions?

You earn commission when people you recommend Merlin via your affiliate link become paying customers. Please note, you do not receive commission if people you recommend remain free trial users, only when the take out a paid subscription.

Are commissions recurring?

Yes. You will continue to get paid for as long as the customers you refer to them keep up their subscriptions.

Is there a limit to how much I can earn as an Affiliate Partner?

No. Absolutely not. The more paying customers you refer to Merlin, the more money you'll make. Our top affiliates make tens of thousands of dollars a year just by spreading the word about Merlin and you could too!

Are there any charges for joining Merlin Affiliate Program?

No, You DO NOT need a paid subscription to Merlin to participate in affiliate program

How will you track the customers I refer to you?

Our advanced affiliate tracking software automatically keeps track of who clicks on your affiliate link or paid for Merlin subscription so you never miss out on your money

Can i share on social media?


Can I run Facebook ads or Google ads to get paid subscribers for Merlin?

Yes, You can run ads to sell Merlin Pro Subscription. Do Not forget to target your ads to your affiliate link. This will help us in tracking the conversions coming through your link.

What if I refer someone and they forget to use my link?

Simply get in touch with us at and let us have your email address and the email address of the person you referred and we'll credit you manually.

How long do the cookies last on your affiliate tracking software?

365 days, We have set them for a whole year. So there's no chance you will miss out!

Can I pay using my own affiliate link and get Merlin Pro subscription?

No. Self-referrals are strictly prohibited. The aim of an affiliate program is to reward affiliates for spreading the word about Merlin, not to get paid for their own subscriptions.

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