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Paragraph Generator

Now generate paragraphs x20 faster

Grammar Checker

For effortless and error-free text

Language Translator

Translate texts from different languages in one go

Lorem Ipsum Generator

Your one-stop shop for all filler texts

Paraphrasing Tool

Paraphrase Content 15x faster

Random Question Generator

Use this to never let your conversations end

Random Sentence Generator

Generate random sentences in mere seconds at the click of a button

Random Word Generator

Generate random words x10 faster

Rewording Tool

Now rewrite any text in no time With Merlin's Free AI Rephrase and Rewrite Tool

Anagram Solver

Now solve every anagram in seconds

Summary Generator

Summarize your content x10 faster

Wordle Solver

Solve every wordle out there in seconds now

Word Finder

Find words starting and ending with different alphabets

Pictionary Word Generator

Enhance Your Drawing Game with Random Word Suggestions

Random Movie Generator

Now you do not have to delve on what movie to watch next

Random Color Generator

Generate Random Colors in no time

Random Country Generator

Generate random country names in just one click

Email Generator

The Smarter Way to Email

Essay Checker

Get your essays graded in seconds

Essay Outline Generator

Generate outlines for your essays in no time

Expand Sentences and Paragraphs

Your one-stop solution to expanding both your paragraphs and sentences

AI Text Generator

Generate any kind of AI text in seconds now without any hassle

Expand My Essay

Expand your essays x15 faster

Thesis Writing Assistant

Now write x5 better thesis with the help of AI

Name Generator

SEO & Content Marketing

One Ticket to the Best of AI tools

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Compose essays, verify originality, correct errors, improve your work

5 credits per tool / Month

  • Essay writer

  • Baby Face Generator

  • AI Detector

  • Plagiarism Checker

  • Paraphrasing tool

  • Literature Review

  • Excel formula generator

  • Paragraph Rewriter

  • 70+ other AI tools

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Merlin lite

Feel confident your writing is clear, impactful, and error-free.


  • All 70+ tools included in Free plan

  • Advanced features for better results

  • 1 day on-call customer support

  • 2X Character Limit

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