Top 5 AI Tools for Academic Writing

Find out how AI with its various Academic Writing Tools can streamline your writing process, improve productivity, and enhance your academic content.

Academic writing is a crucial skill for students and researchers. It involves the ability to communicate complex ideas clearly and concisely, while also adhering to the conventions of academic style. With AI spreading its wings in almost all the sectors, there are several AI tools for Academic Writing also that help academicians with their writing, including grammar checkers, reference management software, and plagiarism checkers.

AI Writing Tools for Academic Writing

Here are the tools that are doing amazingly well in 2024 and helping academicians to write efficiently and increase productivity.

1. Merlin AI

Merlin AI.png

Are you a student aiming to improve your writing for essays, assignments, or papers? Merlin AI is designed to aid you in developing into a proficient and self-assured writer in the academic field. Merlin AI is an advanced essay writing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate high-quality essays and content efficiently. It offers tailored writing suggestions, grammar and plagiarism checks, and intuitive user interface. Merlin AI streamlines the writing process, enhances creativity, and provides valuable assistance to users seeking academic or professional writing support.

Tools Offered by Merlin AI

  • Essay Writer Essay writer not a replacement for your own research or writing skills, but it can be used as an aid in creating something new. Merlin AI uses natural language processing (NLP) to analyze your written content and give feedback on improving it.

  • Thesis Writing Assistant Thesis Writing assistant is specifically designed to create and improve thesis statements giving your academic work a solid starting point. It analyzes the provided content and expands upon it by adding more in-depth analysis, relevant examples, supporting evidence, and well-reasoned arguments.

  • Rewording Tool Merlin is a great tool for improving your writing skills. Rewording tool can help you expand your vocabulary by providing suggestions for words that are relevant to the topic at hand.

  • Proofreading Merlin provides easy to use, well developed proofreading services than traditional grammar checkers. It helps users to improve by pointing out errors, suggesting improvements, and providing contextual information about grammar rules; thus acting as a helping hand for your writing assignment.

  • Paraphraser Merlin AI's paraphrasing tool swiftly refines your text, preserving its essence while enhancing its quality, all thanks to state-of-the-art AI technology.

Who Can Use It?

Merlin AI Academic Writing Tool can be used by students, researchers, educators, and anyone else involved in academic writing. It is designed to assist in tasks such as generating ideas, organizing research, improving writing quality, and ensuring proper citation and referencing. Whether you are writing an essay, research paper, thesis, or any other academic document, Merlin AI can be a valuable tool to enhance your writing process.


  • Amazing tool for idea generation and creating essay outlines
  • Reduces writer's blocks
  • Higher accuracy with use of grammar, spellings and punctuation


  • Risk of unintentional plagiarism and lack of creativity
  • Work may seem monotonous for people who are frequent writers

2. Jasper AI


Jasper AI is an intelligent essay writing tool designed to aid users in crafting well-structured and cohesive essays. It offers features such as content generation, grammar checks, and writing guidance, enabling users to create high-quality, original content efficiently. Jasper AI streamlines the writing process and provides valuable support for academic and professional writing tasks.


  • Long-form assistant – A great tool to create articles in one editor, as well as custom AI-powered tools.

  • GPT-3 – Jasper AI uses the newest technology to generate AI content.

  • Over 50 templates – These help you create different content types in just a few seconds.


  • Amazing features and templates
  • Easy to use, despite being complex
  • Long-form assistant is a huge plus


  • Can get a bit expensive
  • Output is not top-notch all the time

3. Rytr


Rytr is a versatile AI-driven essay writing tool that helps users generate well-written content efficiently. With features like content suggestions, grammar checks, and user-friendly interface, Rytr AI simplifies the writing process and supports users in creating high-quality essays. Rytr is a valuable tool for academic and professional writing tasks.


  • Document editing: Rytr has the closest thing to Jasper’s long-form assistant with their on-document edits

  • GPT-3: Just like the best AI writing software, Rytr uses GPT-3 to power its writing software.

  • Compact interface: Everything you can do in Rytr is concentrated in one compact dashboard.


  • Affordable
  • Compact interface
  • Support for multiple languages, including Hindi


  • Output is not as great as one would expect
  • Can be confusing at first

4. Copy AI

copy ai.png

Copy AI is an AI-powered essay writing tool that assists users in generating high-quality content efficiently. It offers features such as content creation, grammar checks, and writing suggestions, facilitating the creation of well-structured essays. With its user-friendly interface and innovative capabilities, Copy AI is a valuable tool for academic and professional writing tasks.


  • Fast output – If you want a bit of content to get started writing, Copy AI will deliver that pretty fast.

  • GPT-3 – Like its competitors, Copy AI is based on GPT-3.

  • Over 90 templates – Enough to cover any content and copywriting need


  • Over 90 templates
  • Helps with writer’s block
  • Good interface and user experience


  • Content output is a hit or miss
  • No long-form assistant

5. ContentBot AI

content bot ai.png

ContentBot AI is an advanced essay writing tool powered by artificial intelligence, enhancing the process of creating high-quality content. AI can analyze user behavior and preferences to create content that is relevant and engaging, and can also be used to optimize the content for better search engine rankings. It helps in streamlining the writing process and making it more productive and efficient.


  • Content Optimization Tools – Autocomplete, text expander, and a summarizer all help you augment your copy.

  • Browser Extensions – Perfect to optimize your content wherever you work.

  • Over 12 templates – Not the most templates on the planet, but enough to get you started.


  • Great content optimization tools
  • Basic tools for AI content generation
  • Browser extensions


  • Pricey
  • Barebones AI generation suite
  • Very few templates

Set-up your chosen tool

While the academic writing tools can be used for numerous tasks including essay writing, thesis writing, paraphrasing, proofreading, outline generator and so on, it is important to note that the use case is simple and almost similar. Here are the steps to be followed for an effective academic writing journey.

Select Tool Choose a suitable AI-powered academic writing tool. It can be the one of many mentioned above or any other tool that you find fit for your work.

Account Setup Create an account on the platform you have chosen. This usually involves providing an email address, setting up a password, and possibly verifying your account through email.

Give Prompts Give AI the prompt for your writing. Let's say you have to generate an essay, give the needed prompts for the same; for writing citations give the required guidelines to be followed and so on.

Proofread and Edit Use the tool to proofread, edit, and correct errors in your document. You can use features offered by your chosen platform to make the writing better and mistake free.

Final Review After making all the necessary revisions and enhancements suggested by the AI platform, conduct a final review of your document to ensure everything is in order.

How To Use Academic Writing Tools

Here, I am taking an example of Merlin AI. You go to the Merlin AI's main page and select the Tools option.

AW - 1.png

From the list of writing tools, you select the one that you need to use.

AW - 2.png

Let's say you want to write a paragraph. Click on the Paragraph genrator tool. You will see the following screen.

AW - 3.png

Enter the topic that you want your paragraph on. And then click on generate. Merlin AI will give you the required paragraph that can further be used in your bigger essay or thesis.

AW - 4.png

Remember, while AI platforms can be extremely helpful in the writing process, it is essential to use them as tools to assist you rather than relying solely on automated suggestions. Always review and maintain control over the final content to ensure it meets your academic standards.


All the above mentioned tools come with a unique set of features. While each one suits a different set of audience, each one helps in aiding the writers for being more efficient and productive. The AI can give you word counts and grammar suggestions and expand your vocabulary if needed. All of these are useful tools that any writer should consider using when crafting their next piece of work! I would recommend using Merlin AI - it is a helpful tool for writers. It has many features that can improve your writing and make it more effective.

Explore the benefits of using a free AI essay writer today and take your writing to new heights! As the saying goes,

"The pen is mightier than the sword, but the AI-powered pen is the mightiest!"


1. Can AI be used for academic writing?

Yes, AI can be used for a lot of tasks related to academic writing, including paraphrasing, grammar check, punctuations, citation generating and so on.

2. Which AI platform can I use for Academic Writing?

There are a number of AI platforms that let you take academic writing to the next level. Merlin AI, Jasper AI, ContentBot and so on are a few of the platforms that allow academic writing.

3. Are AI Academic Writing platforms free?

Yes. Most of the platforms like Merlin AI, Jasper AI, Copy AI amongst others are free to use for academic writing.

4. What are the limitations of AI academic writing?

Tone is an important aspect of writing that conveys the writer's attitude and perspective on a given topic. AI often fails to understand the tone of the writer.

5. Can AI improve your writing style?

The answer is a mix of yes and a no. The academic writing tools will not make you a writer over night but yes, they can improve your copywriting by offering suggestions and better vocabulary. They can also correct grammar mistakes you may not recognize or catch.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

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