Top 4 ChatGPT Chrome Extension You Need Right Now

Discover top ChatGPT Chrome extensions that enhance productivity, from voice interaction to video summarization. Revolutionize your workflow today!

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Looking to maximize your productivity? Look no further! We’ll introduce you to the top 4 ChatGPT Chrome extensions that can revolutionize the way you work.

These powerful tools offer a range of functionalities to boost your efficiency, from summarizing and rewriting to translating and creating templates. Say goodbye to long boring tasks and hello to seamless productivity with these game-changing extensions!

1. Use ChatGPT Directly on your Browser With Merlin

Is logging into ChatGPT everytime annoying and long for you? Do you want ChatGPT at the press of a button on your screen? Look no further, with Merlin AI you can do just that!

You can generate images, tweets, emails and so much more with this ChatGPT extension. You can also access ChatGPT directly on the website that you’re using with just clicking Ctrl+M or Cmd+M.

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2. Speak Your Prompts with Promptheus

Tired of typing out prompts? The Promptheus extension is here to save the day! With this extension, you can talk to ChatGPT using your voice.

Simply install the extension, head over to ChatGPT, and let your voice do the talking. No more time wasted on typing, just effortless conversations with AI. Whether you want to brainstorm ideas or have a natural conversation, Promptheus has got you covered.

3. Summarize YouTube Videos with Transcript and Summary

Let's face it: YouTube videos can be time-consuming. But fear not, the Transcript and Summary Chrome extension is here to save you precious time. This handy tool can generate a summary of any YouTube video, making it effortless to grasp the main points without watching the entire video.

Simply install the extension, head over to the video you want to summarize, and let Transcript and Summary work its magic. Say goodbye to lengthy videos and hello to quick and easy understanding.

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Are you tired of sifting through countless search results? ChatGPT for Search Engines is here to make your search experience a breeze.

This extension enables ChatGPT while you search on Google or Bing, providing you with handy summaries based on your query. Whether you need a quick overview of a topic or want to explore related articles, ChatGPT for Search Engines is your personal research assistant, bringing you the information you need in a snap.


In conclusion, these top 4 ChatGPT Chrome extensions are the secret weapons to unleash your productivity potential. Whether you're tired of typing, need instant AI assistance, want to save time on YouTube videos, enhance your search experience, or unlock superpowers, these extensions have you covered. So why wait? Install these game-changing tools today and witness a whole new level of productivity!


1. Do these ChatGPT Chrome extensions work with other browsers apart from Chrome?

The extensions mentioned are designed specifically for Google Chrome. However, there might be similar extensions available for other browsers, so it's worth exploring your browser's extension store for alternatives.

2. Are these ChatGPT Chrome extensions free to use?

The availability of free and premium features may vary depending on the specific extension. It's important to check each extension's details in the Chrome Web Store for information about pricing and features.

3. How frequently are these ChatGPT Chrome extensions updated?

Extension updates can vary, but developers typically release updates to improve functionality and address any issues. It's advisable to check for updates periodically in the Chrome Web Store and review user feedback for insights into the extension's performance.

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