Create Canva Templates in Minutes: Here's How I did it

Turn your creativity into a profitable venture in just a week! Discover the secrets of designing and selling Canva templates with this beginner's guide.

Starting an online shop in just one week is totally possible. Recently, I've been sharing tips on selling Canva templates effectively. But now, let's switch gears a bit.

This guide is perfect if you're not a pro designer or if you're craving some fresh creative inspiration. Let's jump into how you can craft appealing Canva templates to market, even if you're a complete newbie.

Step 1: Hatching the Ideal Template Concept

Ideas are your gold mine. If the concept isn't right, even a stunning template won't make it. So, roll up your sleeves and get to it:

  1. Select a sales platform like Etsy, Teachers Pay Teachers, or Creative Fabrica.
  2. Choose a specific market niche for your templates (think professions like lash technicians, teachers, or real estate agents).
  3. Brainstorm different Ideas with AI for 10-15 template ideas tailored for your niche customers.(My favorites are ChatGPT and Merlin AI
  4. Research each idea for market demand and competition using: Your chosen platform's search function, Google's Keyword Planner, Keyword, Niche-specific tools like Everbee for Etsy

Keyword insights are crucial to your success, so give this part the attention it deserves.

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Step 2: Settling on a Color Scheme

With the perfect template idea in hand, color is your next frontier.

Random color selection won't cut it. Each template needs a pre-planned color story.

Don't fret about inventing new shades for every template. is your new best friend. It offers:

Screenshot 2023-12-14 001714.png
  • Thousands of aesthetic color ideas.
  • A color palette generator to match your main color choice.

Choose your main hue (like light red) and let the tool suggest a few more to complement it.

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Step 3: Selecting Foundational Templates

You might think we're building from scratch, but there’s a shortcut.

  • For the professionals: Feel free to start with a blank canvas.
  • For those less design-savvy: Leverage existing resources.

Planning a real estate welcome packet? Get ideas for what your template should include.

Next, collect Canva’s free templates for each page you need. Be sure to use the free ones, adhering to Canva's rules.

Screenshot 2023-12-14 001735.png

Consider trying Canva's Magic Studio if you're up for something more advanced. This AI tool generates template pages from your input. And yes, if you make each page distinct, the design is all yours.

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Step 4: Personalizing Your Templates

Now, infuse your personality into the chosen templates:

  • Apply your selected color scheme.
  • Select a niche-appropriate font (get suggestions from AI if needed).
  • Update text placeholders with niche-specific content.
  • Add design elements like lines or decorative icons.
  • Remix existing features to elevate uniqueness.

A few edits can turn a basic template into something exceptional. By working through this process, you can build up a diverse collection of templates ready to sell.

And that's it! With some clever tweaks, you'll be the proud owner of a shop stocked with unique, beautiful templates that buyers love.

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1. Do I need a special license to sell templates I create in Canva?

No special license is needed as long as you use the free elements from Canva and not the Pro elements, and you make sure your templates are uniquely designed by you.

2. Can I really make money selling Canva templates as a beginner with no design experience?

Absolutely! With the use of Canva’s user-friendly tools and a bit of creativity, you can design templates that appeal to various niches and set up a shop on platforms like Etsy to start earning.

3. How can I stand out among other sellers who are more experienced in design?

Focus on a specific niche, offer unique designs, and ensure your templates solve a particular problem or fulfill a specific need within that niche. Also, excellent customer service and a strong presentation can set you apart from the competition.

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