How I Managed to Launch My eBook All By Myself

Unlock the secrets of eBook success: Notion templates, AI tools, Gumroad insights, promotional strategies, and more. Dive into my eBook creation adventure!

Hey there! Recently, I ventured into the world of eBooks, and wow, it's been quite the ride! For the longest time, I dreamed about releasing my very own eBook, and I can't really explain why it took me so long, but hey, we got there.

So here's the scoop on my journey:

Remember when I made a cool $1700 from selling Notion templates? That success got me thinking it was time to spill the beans on how I did it. What better way to spread the word than through an eBook, right? This way, I could dish out all my tips and tricks in one neat package.

I went for a super straightforward title for the eBook because I wanted to make sure buyers would know exactly what they were getting.

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Putting this eBook together was a speedy affair – just four days! I spent half that time typing away and the other half meticulously editing. Trust me, making sure every sentence was perfect was no joke! Thank god for AI tools or I would’ve gone crazy. I used different AI tools like Quillbolt and Merlin to proofread my content, and even help me out when I am stuck with a certain part of information.

And for those of you who might want to know, here’s what I used to create this eBook:

  • I wrote the draft on Google Docs – easy and free.
  • Canva was my go-to for crafting a cool cover design – also free.
  • And when it was time to sell, I turned to Gumroad – guess what, also free!

Now, I'm a stickler for schedules, so I decided to launch the eBook at 4 PM. But, as deadlines usually go, it was crunch time at 3:50 PM, and I wasn't quite happy with the cover I had made. But I figured, let's just roll with it – I can tweak it later. Gumroad's cool like that, letting you update things on the go.

Initially, I tried my usual route, sending out an email announcement, but oddly, no sales came through, which wasn't the norm for me. Time to switch gears!

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Next stop: Twitter. I had this awesome giveaway for "70+ Side Hustle Ideas to Start with No Money," and I sneakily suggested my eBook as an add-on. To my delight, I nabbed a few sales!

Though I wasn't having much luck on Medium just yet, I published a blog post there, on my email list, and in my newsletter, which did the trick – I made a few more sales!

While I've been talking about this whole experience, I've quietly been exploring other platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest, and I'll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Eager to know how much I earned in that first week? It's just the beginning, but here's the screenshot from my Gumroad page – pretty exciting stuff!

I've had such a blast writing this eBook that this is just the start – I'm definitely planning to write more!

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1. How do you decide on a title for your eBook?

I keep it simple and clear so buyers know exactly what they're getting – it's important that the title reflects the content!

2. Any tips for a successful eBook launch?

Definitely! Apart from a catchy title and solid content, try to set a launch time, and if things aren't perfect, don't sweat it – you can always make changes later. Also, leverage your social media networks for promotions.

3. How long does it take to create and launch an eBook?

For me, it took just 4 days from start to launch – 2 for writing and 2 for editing. But it can vary depending on your speed and content. Just remember, editing is key, so don’t rush that part!

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