Midjourney Commands

You tell Midjourney what you want by giving it a short description of your idea, which they call a "Prompt." Then, you use the "imagine" command to get the AI to make your idea into a picture. Know more about Midjourney Commands in this read.

Midjourney's AI Art Generative Tool is like a super-smart computer program that helps you make amazing pictures. It uses fancy technology called artificial intelligence and machine learning to create beautiful artwork.

Midjourney Bot Discord

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To talk to the Midjourney Bot on Discord, just type a special command. These commands help you make images, change settings, and do useful things. You can use these commands in special chat channels with the Midjourney Bot or in private groups. You can also use them in direct messages with the Bot.

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Midjourney Bot Commands

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Here's a list of commands you can use with the Midjourney Bot, each serving a different purpose:

/ask: Ask the Bot questions and get answers.
/blend: Combine two images to create something new.
/daily_theme: Control whether you want notifications about updates in a specific channel.

/docs: Get a link to the user guide for more information.

/describe: Show the Bot images to get creative ideas based on them.

/faq: Access answers to common questions.

/fast: Speed up the Bot's operations for faster results.

/help: Get important information and tips on using the Bot effectively.

/imagine: Create images by describing what you want.

/stealth: Switch to Stealth Mode if you have a Pro Plan subscription.

/public: Activate Public Mode for Pro Plan Subscribers.

/subscribe: Generate a personal link to your account page.
/settings: View and adjust the Bot's settings to customize your experience.

/prefer option: Create or manage customized options.

/prefer option list: Check your current custom options.

/prefer suffix: Add a suffix to the end of every description prompt.

/show: Regenerate a job within Discord using an image Job ID.

/relax: Switch to Relax mode for a different Bot behavior.

/remix: Toggle Remix mode for a unique creative experience.

These commands give you the ability to interact with the Midjourney Bot in various ways, from getting answers and creative inspiration to fine-tuning settings and creating unique images. It's like having a conversation with the Bot to make cool stuff!

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Advanced Settings

Here are some advanced settings that you can use when using the "/imagine" command to generate images:

beta: This option uses an experimental algorithm to create images.

hd: It employs an older algorithm that's good for generating higher-resolution images.

aspect/-ar: You can specify the aspect ratio you want for the image.

w: Set the width of the image to a specific value.
h: Specify the height of the image you want.
seed: This lets you control the seed value for image generation, which affects how the image turns out.

sameseed: It makes sure that the exact same seed value is used for all generated images, ensuring consistency.
no (e.g., -no plants): This command lets you exclude a specific element from the image you're creating.

iw: Set the weight of the image prompt to influence the result.

stylize: You can adjust the strength of the image style with this setting.

q: This parameter allows you to control the quality of the image.

chaos: Use this to control how random the image appears.

fast: If you want the Bot to generate images more quickly with less consistency and at a lower cost, use this option.

stop: This command helps you stop the image generation process.
video: You can choose to save a video showing the progress of the image being generated.
v < 1 or 2 >: It lets you use an older algorithm for the final image improvement.

uplight: Use the "light" option more prominently to create upscale images.

These advanced settings give you more control and options when you're using the "/imagine" command to generate images with the Midjourney Bot.

Custom Preferences

You have the flexibility to tailor your experience by setting up custom preferences using the "prefer" commands. These commands allow you to automatically add frequently used parameters to the end of your prompts. Here's what you can do with them:

/prefer auto_dm: Automatically send completed jobs to your Direct Messages.
/prefer option: Create or manage your own customized options.
/prefer option list: See a list of the custom options you've already set up.
/prefer suffix: Specify a suffix to be added to the end of each prompt, giving your requests a consistent touch.

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Use "/describe" to upload an image and receive four creative prompts inspired by it. It's a fantastic way to explore new ideas and styles. While it can't exactly replicate the image, it provides aspect ratio info.


With the "Blend" command, easily combine 2 to 5 images for a unique creation. It's like "/imagine" but mobile-friendly for multiple images. For more than 5 images, use "/imagine." Note, "/blend" doesn't support text prompts, so use "/imagine" for text and images together.


Generative art and AI tools such as Midjourney, DALL-E, and Stable Diffusion offer potent resources for breaking through creative barriers and cultivating innovative concepts. By harnessing the potential of these tools, you can produce captivating visuals, explore uncharted horizons, and elevate your projects to new levels.


1. Is it possible to utilize Midjourney independently of Discord?

Unfortunately, you won't find a standalone installation for Midjourney on your local machine or a user-friendly web application. The exclusive means of access is via the Official Midjourney Discord Server.

2. Who owns Midjourney?

Midjourney is under the stewardship of David Holz, the co-founder of Leap Motion, as he spearheads the team.

3. Is Midjourney 5 available for free?

For existing Midjourney users, upgrading to version 5 is a breeze. Simply navigate to the "/Settings'' tab and choose 'MJ version 5' from the menu, as illustrated below. However, if you're new to Midjourney and are embarking on your initial free trial, you'll have the privilege to generate up to 25 images without any charges.

4. How to create Midjourney art?

You can initiate the image creation by issuing a command on Discord. Just type "/imagine" and then provide a written description of the image you wish Midjourney to generate.

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