Amazon Hacks: Smart Shopping on Amazon with ASK AI

Enhance your Amazon shopping experience with Merlin AI's Ask AI feature. Get real-time answers to product questions, saving time and making informed decisions.

There’s no one who would say that they don't like shopping because come on, everyone likes new stuff right?

But shopping can be as tedious as it can be fun and exciting, especially if you talk about online shopping. Because if you’re unable to find something that works for you, you’ll be staring at the screen for hours!

And that definitely is not good for your health, mental and physical.

But thanks to the gift that keeps giving, AI, you can now save a lot of time and effort when shopping. ASK AI for Amazon is a feature by Merlin AI that is gonna be your saviour.

Everyone’s one-stop shop for everything they could possibly need is Amazon( From your daily necessities to extravagant products, you can find everything on Amazon. That is also why we spend the most time browsing on the platform.

Lucky for us, we can now use Ask AI and speed up our buying process.

Once you have the Merlin Chrome Extension installed on your computer, you can access this feature easily. All you need to do is open and select a product that you need to buy.

Screenshot 2023-12-23 095843.png

After the product description, you will find the Ask AI button and a lot of sample questions that you can ask about the product.

As soon as you click on a question, you will see the answer to your query in the adjacent chatbox that will appear on your screen.

Screenshot 2023-12-23 104441.jpg

Not only will this save you a lot of time while shopping, but you will also be able to make more informed decisions.


Merlin AI's ASK AI for Amazon in the Merlin Chrome Extension streamlines online shopping on Amazon by providing real-time answers to product-related questions. This enhances efficiency, saves time, and promotes informed decision-making, offering users a smarter and health-conscious approach to online retail.

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1. How does Ask AI for Amazon work within the Merlin Chrome Extension?

Ask AI for Amazon seamlessly integrates into the Merlin Chrome Extension. Once installed, users can access the feature on Amazon by selecting a product. The Ask AI button, strategically placed after the product description, opens up a chatbox with real-time answers to curated questions, streamlining the decision-making process.

2. Can I use Ask AI for Amazon for any product on the platform?

Yes, you can use Ask AI for Amazon for a wide range of products available on Amazon. The feature provides a curated set of sample questions for each product, ensuring that users can obtain relevant information and make more informed decisions regardless of the type of item they are interested in.

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