How I Make Money Through Udemy

Discover the secrets to making money on Udemy. From creating online courses to optimizing sales, this guide unveils the path to online earning success!

Once upon a time—a couple of years ago—I didn’t know much about making money online. Then, I earned my first dollar through the Internet, and that changed everything.

Back then, I was a newbie to the online money-making scene, wondering where to start.

My First Dollar Online

At first, I was skeptical—I thought making money online was just a trick. But then, I actually earned my first dollar. Where? On a nifty platform called Udemy.

You might not have heard of it, but Udemy is a gold mine where people rake in thousands of dollars. It's teeming with courses and eager learners.

Creating courses on Udemy helped me earn when I was just starting out. Guess what? You don't have to be a world-class expert. Just know a tad more than the person who wants to learn from you.

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When I began, I had nothing but a laptop and a simple recording app. I didn't even use a camera or an expensive mic—just the one built into my laptop. And with this basic setup, I still managed to earn from my courses while I slept.

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The Course Creation Myth

There's a myth that courses can only be profitable if they're super expensive. Not on Udemy. Prices cap at $199.99, which is affordable. Still, creators on Udemy, like Jose Portilla with his 3.6 million students, make a pretty penny.

Just think: Udemy gets millions upon millions of visitors each month. So, how can you too carve out a slice of this pie?

Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Udemy Course

First, jot down what you’re good at. Anything, big or small—skills, hobbies, topics friends ask you about.

No clear expertise? Then hop on trending topics. Remember, people flock to new skills, projects, and trends. Stay on top of the news to always know what is happening. Courses on hot topics like artificial intelligence or digital art are big hits.

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With Udemy, the key is to stand out. Instead of tackling broad subjects like 'blogging', dive deeper. Find sub-niches using tools like ChatGPT. Focus on areas with less competition and more demand. If something is already popular, say an AI tool, make a course on that, and catch the wave early.

If you're not an expert yet, no worries. Just learn a bit more about the subject than your future students. There are plenty of resources available to get skilled quickly. Like everyone else, my preferred choice of tool is AI and ChatGPT. Merlin AI has held my hand through these course creations.

I have used AI to learn about new topics and create the most appropriate and easy-to-understand structure for my courses.

Now, to create your course, simply outline it with the help of AI or other tools. Create content with basic recording software and decent audio.

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Optimizing for Sale

Remember, when you're selling anything online, presentation is key. Use impactful titles, descriptions, and images to grab attention and attract learners. In our world right now, these are the things that can be done in minutes with AI, all you’ll need to do is review it and make it fit your needs.


My journey through Udemy is proof of the changing learning landscape. Gone are the days when degrees were the only option. Now, with some initiative and a bit of creativity, you can learn and earn online.

Plus, once you’ve got the course down, spread your wings. Sell your courses on other platforms, market your unique prompts, or freelance your newly acquired skills.

There you have it, a strategy to kickstart your online earning through course creation. It’s a path I took and one you could follow for a potential steady stream of income.


1. Do I need professional audio and video equipment to create a Udemy course?

No, you can use your laptop and its built-in microphone. As long as your content is valuable, students will come.

2. How do I decide on a topic for my Udemy course?

Look at your skills, hobbies, or any subject you know more about than others. Alternatively, tap into trending topics.

3. Can you make a full-time income on Udemy?

Yes, many instructors on Udemy make their living there by reaching millions of students worldwide.

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