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Merlin Feature Update

Merlin is a one for all ChatGPT chrome extension. In its latest updates, these features are being launched to help you save hours of time.

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Connect GitHUB with Merlin

Now you can use Merlin with Github too! Now understand codes in minutes with Merlin on GitHub. This feature is going to save you so much time and make coding a whole lot of fun. For new beginners too, it is a great add-on in their learning toolkit. It can help you understand complex code way easily and make you more efficient and productive with your time.

Smart Shopping on Amazon with Ask AI

With Merlin AI on Amazon, shopping is now an experience like never before. You can use AskAI to ask anything about a particular product. From product reviews to the pros and cons of a product, you can literally ask anything under the sun to AI and you'll have your answers in no time. This is extremely time-saving when you have to shop for a lot of things and are running out of time!

Chat with any Celebrity with Merlin's DOPPLEGANGER

Use Merlin Doppleganger on twitter to create a replica of your favorite celebrity as a chatbot and ask them anything and everything you can think of. Be it Elon Musk or Johnny Depp, ask them anything and they'll reply as if it were actually them!

Astrology AI - Your Future Teller

Now with Merlin, get to know everything about your sunsign, moon sign, and everything else in one place. Ask questions about anything you want and get answers.

Get a preview of any link before opening it. This will help you avoid opening unwanted websites and save you a lot of time! It will also help you keep your data protected from unwarranted sites.

Pixplain: See It, Snap It, Know It!

Now search anything that appears on your screen the minute it does with Pixplain. Take a screenshot the moment you're stuck somewhere and pixplain will explain it to you, and answer any questions you might have regarding it!

Turn One Youtube video into Tweets, Threads, Blogs and Linked Posts

With Merlin's new update in Youtube Summarizer, you can now convert Youtube Videos into multi purpose content! How cool is that!

Merlin AI Art Generator

Create stunning AI Art and dive into the realm of AI art and unleash your creativity like never before.

Connect on LinkedIn like a Pro

Grow your LinkedIn network with the power of ChatGPT. Skyrocket your connections and reach on LinkedIn.

Merlin on Outlook

Say goodbye to overwhelming inboxes and hello to productivity. Compose emails in a snap using AI-powered suggestions and auto-complete

Access Llama 2 & Claude 2

Llama 2 is an upgraded, open-source version of Meta's original AI language model and it utilizes the latest advancements in generative AI. Discover the world of groundbreaking AI models like Free GPT-4, Claude2, and Llama2, all available for free.

Access Merlin AI with Cmd+M

Chat with Merlin on any website to get the information you need from internet without leaving the page. Merlin is always ready to help, no matter where you are on the web with just a click Cmd/Ctrl + M.

WebChat - Chat with websites

Summarize or Chat with any website using ChatGPT. Save time and streamline your web browsing experience using WebChat on Merlin AI Chatbot.

DocChat - Chat with PDF

Summarize or Chat with any pdf or doc using ChatGPT. Improve Your Study Experience with Accurate PDF or Doc Summaries using DocChat on Merlin AI Chatbot

Translate text in Multiple languages

Choose your desired language to Chat with Merlin ChatGPT app and get ChatGPT responses that are accurate and relevant, no matter where you are in the world. Master multiple languages using ChatGPT.

ChatGPT with Internet access

Enabling internet access mode on Merlin is a superpower in itself. Get more factually accurate and latest internet-based data using this mode.

Chat with Youtube Summary & Article summary

Summarize YouTube videos, and long articles with just a click using the Merlin ChatGPT button that appears on youtube & blog articles, so you can watch and read only what matters. With this new update, you can Chat with the summary to get more insights from the video or article.

Write faster and smarter emails on Gmail

Use Merlin to create or reply to emails quickly and easily on Gmail. You'll save time and get more done, whether you're at work or on the go

Grow your Social Media using Merlin on LinkedIn & Twitter

Boost your social media game with Merlin ChatGPT app using AI-generated posts and comments on LinkedIn and Twitter. Merlin can help you build your personal brand by creating posts & engaging with your followers and also help you generate leads on LinkedIn & Twitter with the right communication.

Merlin ChatGPT offers features for every user looking to enhance their communication, productivity, and creativity. By understanding its potential applications and benefits, businesses and individuals can leverage this powerful AI tool to improve their daily lives and work processes. Get started with Merlin today and experience the transformative impact of AI.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

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Kalpna Thakur

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