Pixplain Capture Bar
Unlock Visual Content with
AI-Powered Clarity
Another banger by Merlin that lets you interact with
images and videos just like you've always wished you could.
Now with GPT-4 Vision
How does it work, you ask?
Follow these 4 simple steps

1.Add the extension to your browser, then open any website of your liking (eg: reddit.com).

Step 1

2.Click on the ” Explain this page ” button on this webpage to activate a selection window

Step 2

3.Drag to select an area of the screen or select the entire screen & then click on ” Capture ”

Step 3

4.Pixplain has captured the image now just put in your query & get ready to be wowed 🤩

Step 4
Use top AI models (such as GPT-4, GPT vision, Claude, Llama) to get your response
Pixplain features the new GPT vision for better results
Easily copy, update, or change your prompts for a smoother creative process
Move the Pixplain window as you like for the best on-screen view
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