How to use GPT-4 for Free?

Discover free ways to access GPT-4 in our latest blog post. Don't break the bank to access this cutting-edge technology. Read the ultimate guide on how to use GPT-4 for free now!

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What is GPT-4?

There is barely anyone around the world who does not know what ChatGPT is. ChatGPT-4, short for "Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4," is the latest version of it, succeeding its predecessor GPT-3.

It is more accurate in its predictions and responses. GPT-4 is trained on large amounts of diverse data, enabling it to understand and copy complex human languages easily. It can also remember information from earlier in a conversation, making the whole experience very human-like.

What are the Benefits of GPT-4

GPT-4 offers a variety of benefits compared to GPT-3 and its previous versions. These can improve your content creation process significantly. Let's look at 10 of them.

  1. GPT 4 has better generative qualities, it can provide more diverse and creative answers.
  2. It has better language understanding which results in more logical responses.
  3. It is way better at understanding context which leads to more accurate results.
  4. With its flexibility and how customizable it is, it gives users more control over how they want to use it.
  5. It has reduced bias compared to its previous versions.
  6. It requires less retraining to generate different forms of text.
  7. GPT-4 might significantly improve its ability to understand and process complex mathematical and scientific concepts compared to its predecessors.
  8. Its capabilities could maximize the token limit to 32,000 (roughly 25,000 words), a significant improvement over GPT-3.5's 4,000 tokens (approximately 3,125 words).
  9. It has improved the efficiency of the model.
  10. It has also improved the processing speed and performance of the model.

How to use GPT-4 for Free

At the moment, OpenAI charges $0.12 per 750 words for 24000 words. And about $0.06 per 750 words for roughly 6,000 words. Now imagine if you were told you could use GPT-4 for free.

YES! One can only imagine how much money it’ll save you. But how do I access it for free, you ask? Here’s how.

You can access GPT-4 for free with Merlin ChatGPT Chrome Extension. It’s an AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT API and it gives you access to ChatGPT on every website in your browser with just one click Ctrl/Cmd +M.

Merlin has many features to make it easy for users to leverage ChatGPT and Free access to GPT-4 is one of them.

You can install the Merlin chat gpt extension from the Chrome web store and sign up for a free account. This AI chatbot will help you get answers to any questions, generate emails, summarize youtube videos and write blogs for you, etc within seconds.

Merlin is your assistant in its truest sense that helps you finish your work in half of the time. From writing emails on your behalf, proofreading your work, creating content on social media, and helping you as an expert in different fields, it gives you the power of the internet at your fingertips. You get All of THIS, with accurate and efficient results, with GPT-4.

What are some other uses for GPT-4?

  1. GPT-4 can be used to detect bugs in codes of extensive lengths with great efficiency. This will help developers manage their time better, resulting in increased effectiveness of their work.
  2. GPT-4 could be employed in various content writing tasks. This could range from article writing, storytelling, and character creation to marketing copy and email draft generation.
  3. It could be applied to analyze trending content on social media, determining which type of content would be most effective for audience engagement.
  4. It can be used to generate lawsuits or draft legal documents, enhancing the efficiency of legal professionals.
  5. It could offer personalized investment recommendations, automate financial reporting, and assist in various financial tasks for individuals and businesses.
  6. With its improved understanding, GPT-4 could help detect fraudulent activities and transactions in various industries, such as finance and e-commerce.

Challenges and Limitations of Using GPT-4

While GPT-4 is an impressive tool, it's important to be aware of its challenges and limitations.

  1. GPT-4 learns from large amounts of data, including potentially biased or controversial content on the internet. This means that despite best efforts, there is a possibility that the information you get out of ChatGPT could be wrong.

  2. AI models like ChatGPT 4 lack real-world experiences and common sense reasoning. As a result, it may struggle with understanding nuanced scenarios, cultural references, or situations that require contextual understanding beyond the training data.

  3. GPT-4 responses are primarily based on patterns it has learned from the training data. While this makes it proficient in generating text, it can also lead to regurgitating information without truly understanding it.

  4. The quality and clarity of user input significantly impact the accuracy and relevance of ChatGPT 4 responses. Poorly phrased queries may result in inaccurate or nonsensical answers.

  5. While ChatGPT 4 can handle a wide range of conversational tasks, it may struggle with complex tasks that require multiple steps or intricate reasoning. It may provide incomplete or suboptimal solutions for such tasks.

  6. ChatGPT 4 excels at generating responses, but it does not have an in-built fact-checking mechanism. That's why it is important to verify the information you get from here.


GPT-4, the latest version of ChatGPT. It offers improved accuracy, language understanding, and memory retention. It provides benefits such as diverse and creative answers, better context comprehension, and increased energy efficiency. Accessible for free through the Merlin Chrome Extension, GPT-4 serves as a versatile AI assistant. However, it's important to choose appropriate prompts and practice post-generation enhancements like proofreading and fact-checking to ensure the desired outputs.

It's essential to be aware of the challenges and limitations of GPT-4, including potential biases, limitations in real-world experiences and common sense reasoning, and the need for clear and well-phrased queries. Overall, GPT-4 proves to be a valuable productivity tool for every professional

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use Chat GPT-4 for free?

While GPT-4 involves costs of $20 when accessing it directly via ChatGPT plus by OpenAI's API, with Merlin’s Chrome extension you can access it for free.

2. Can GPT-4 replace human writers?

GPT-4 is a powerful tool that can assist in content generation, but it's not a replacement for human opinion and judgment. Human writers play a crucial role in reviewing, editing, and refining the outputs generated by GPT-4.

3. Can I use Open AI for free?

Yes. While open AI requires you to pay to use GPT-4, the other variations are free of cost.

4. How to use ChatGPT 4 without paying?

By signing in with Merlin Chrome extension you can experience the power of GPT-4 for free.

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