The Best ChatGPT Alternative in China

Looking for a ChatGPT alternative in China? Merlin is being used as the best alternatives of ChatGPT that offer powerful ChatGPT applications on all websites. Merlin ChatGPT responses are now available on Baidu.

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The internet has revolutionized how we work or communicate with others, particularly across borders. However, certain governments impose internet censorship laws and regulations, limiting access to various services, including OpenAI's Chat GPT language model.

Why ChatGPT is not working in China?

It's disheartening to see that ChatGPT is currently unavailable in China. Users attempting to access the platform will be met with a regrettable message indicating that "ChatGPT is inaccessible in your country." While the exact cause behind this restriction is still unclear, there have been indications of data and privacy concerns. Regardless of the reason, it's truly unfortunate that the citizens of China are unable to benefit from ChatGPT's impressive AI capabilities.

As the demand for powerful AI-driven tools growing worldwide, users are searching for the best alternatives to ChatGPT, especially in China. One standout solution is the Merlin ChatGPT extension, a browser extension tool that utilizes OpenAI's GPT3 and GPT4 models. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using Merlin as the best ChatGPT alternative in China and how it can enhance your productivity & efficiency in daily workflow.

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What is Merlin ChatGPT Extension?

Merlin is an OpenAI-powered ChatGPT extension that provide seamless access to ChatGPT power on every website. This user-friendly tool doesn't require ChatGPT login, making it an accessible, efficient and free option for users in China and beyond.

How to use ChatGPT alternative - Merlin

Merlin is a one for all ChatGPT chrome extension that works in all country without OpenAI ChatGPT login. Here are the amazing features of Merlin which can enhance your ChatGPT experience and help you save hours of time.

Merlin AI Chatbot - You can easily access ChatGPT chatbot on any website using just a click Cmd +M (or Ctrl+M)

Free GPT-4 Access - GPT-4 is an advanced language model, Merlin provides free access to GPT-4 power which gives you advanced ChatGPT capabilities

Youtube Summarizer - You can summarize any Youtube video with just one click on Merlin Summarize button available on youtube. You can also chat with the youtube summary to get the relevant information in few seconds.

Blog Summarizer or TLDR generator - This feature helps you in Summarizing long blogs & articles with just one click. The Let's Chat option provide you accessibility to chat with the blog or articles to get quick answers to your queries.

Chat GPT for Google or Baidu - Merlin provides concise ChatGPT responses alongside all Google & Baidu searches to save you from tons of sponsored websites.

Merlin on Gmail - Merlin help you in generating effective & fast email response to save you time on Gmail

Merlin on Twitter & LinkedIn - Merlin can help you in building your personal brand & get the followers by writing unique posts & comments on LinkedIn and Twitter. You can also utilise Merlin to generate leads through these social media platforms.

Saved History & Prompts - Merlin saves your chat history for easy access. You can also save your frequently used prompt to automate repetitive queries in your daily workflow.

ChatGPT response in Multiple language- Merlin translate and responds in multiple languages. You can generate content in your native language or translate your content to any other language using Merlin.


Merlin ChatGPT extension emerging as the best ChatGPT alternative in China, offering seamless access to ChatGPT on all websites. By following the steps outlined above, you can save hours of work and get your work done in less time.

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