Access GPT-4 for Free

Access ChatGPT with advanced capabilities of GPT-4 for free with Merlin
Access GPT-4 for Free

Benefits of Accessing GPT-4 for Free

Free of Cost:

First and foremost, you get to use GPT-4 for free, without paying a single penny.

Real-time Response:

It gives you real-time answers based on the current state of the internet and the data present on it.


It gives you more creative and accurate data in far less time compared to the previous models of GPT.

How to Access it

Visit the Chrome Web Store:

Open Google Chrome and navigate to the Chrome Web Store.

Search for Merlin AI:

Use the search bar at the top left of the webpage to search for "Merlin AI".

Install the Extension:

Install the extension and add it to your browser.

Sign Up:

Click on Ctrl+M or Cmd+M to open Merlin on your screen. Once opened, you can choose an AI model from a list of various AI models. GPT-4 is one of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

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