AI Image Generator - Bonkers by Merlin AI

Transform Your Text into Stunning Images
AI Image Generator - Bonkers by Merlin AI

Benefits of AI Image Generator


AI Image generator makes image creation accessible to those with limited artistic ability or resources.


Quickly visualize ideas and concepts from text to image, which is useful in brainstorming or planning stages.


Reduce the need to hire graphic designers for simple projects. Can be scaled effortlessly to handle a high volume of image creation tasks, supporting growing business demands.


AI generators can easily modify images to fit specific needs or preferences through ai chat

Instant Experiments:

Users can experiment with different visual styles and concepts without significant investment

How to use AI Image Generator

Sign Up:

Sign up for a free account with Merlin AI

Generate Images:

Select your desired layout and AI model for Image generation

Interactive Image Generation:

Bonkers will create an image from your provided description. You can Chat and give more details to modify images.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate AI images for free?

Yes, with Bonkers by Merlin AI, you can generate images for FREE.

Are AI images legal?

The legality of AI-generated images depends on the context and usage. In general, if these images are used for legal and ethical purposes, such as creative expression or research, they are typically considered legal.

Can I sell my AI art?

Yes. There are various platforms where you can sell your digital art.