ChatGPT with Internet Access without plugins

Get accurate and up-to-date ChatGPT response with Access web on Merlin AI Chatbot
ChatGPT with Internet Access without plugins

Benefits of ChatGPT with Internet Access

Seamless Integration:

Merlin fits seamlessly into your browsing experience, assisting you right from your web browser.

Multilingual Support:

It's capable of understanding and responding in multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility to a global user base.

AI-Assisted Writing:

Merlin can be used for various writing tasks including emails, blogs, and social media posts.

Access to GPT-4:

Users can interact with the GPT-4 model, experiencing the innovative AI technology firsthand.

How to use it

Install and Sign Up:

Install Merlin from Chrome Web Store or Edge Add-Ons. After installation, you should see the Merlin AI icon added to your list of extensions.

Open Chatbot:

Click on the Merlin icon to start using its chatbot. You can also click on *Ctrl+M*.

Frequently Asked Questions

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