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Codex : Code Explainer

Get easy explanation of any Code with one click. Plus, with PR summarizer on Github, review any code in seconds!
Codex : Code Explainer

Benefits of Codex

  • It is beneficial for everyone; beginners and professional coders alike.
  • Beginners can use it to understand different codes and get the gist of them while learning.
  • Professionals can use it to understand complex and lengthy code in seconds.
  • Codex is a great add-on for people who want to save time.

How to use Codex

  • Install Merlin Chrome Extension and Sign up for a free account.
  • Open any repository on GitHub.
  • When you open any code, you will see Merlin AI's icon with the text 'Explain' shown on the top right of the code window.
  • As soon as you click on it, it will explain the code to you in detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

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