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DoppelgAInger for Twitter

Create a chatbot of any Twitter profile. Receive personalized responses. It's like having your own virtual conversation partner!
DoppelgAInger for Twitter

Benefits of Doppelgainger

  • It makes interaction with celebrities more fun, even if they're not real.
  • You can talk to any celebrity and ask them questions about everything. The answers you will get will be equivalent to what the celeb would actually give you.

How to use Doppelgainger

  • Firstly, you need to ensure that you have Merlin Extension installed and are signed up.
  • Once done, you can directly go to Twitter and open the profile of any public figure or celebrity that you want to talk to.
  • On their profile, you will get an option to 'Create a Doppelgainger'.
  • As soon as you click on it, your doppelgainger profile will be ready. It will be as if you're talking to the person directly. You can ask them anything and have them answer back.

Frequently Asked Questions

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