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Merlin for Teams

Empower your Team with the magic of AI

Get the ChatGPT Assistant your Team needs with Data Security you can count on

Trusted by 1,000,000+ users

Supercharge your Growth across all Departments


Generate innovative ideas for your product, Get your ideal customer profile, Get roadmap ideas, and Market Research on customer needs & competitor analysis.


Get instant information with ChatGPT on Google Search, Summarize blogs & youtube videos to save time, Get advanced Excel formulas, generate macros for easy work on excel


Make content with a consistent brand voice, Research SEO keywords, Create marketing strategies, Generate blog outlines and articles

HR & Recruitment

Write Job descriptions, offer letters, effective email replies, Prepare policies as per market standard in minutes, Write LinkedIn messages, Hiring posts

Learning & Development

Find the right resources on a topic, Generate course outline, Prepare study planners, Generate quizzes on different topics


Get customized sales scripts for products, Get tailored responses for customers, Generate high performing messages for lead generation & sales


Gather, check for, analyse and conclude from data more efficiently to drive pin-pointed actionable insights


Generate high-quality text content from tweets to YouTube scripts to product descriptions to landing pages

Why Merlin for teams?

Get an Efficient Browsing Experience on ANY Website using ChatGPT

Ask questions, create content, get product plans, and more using ChatGPT on almost any website on the internet with a responsive UI built for ease.

Save 1000s of Hours Every Week and Increase Productivity

Use your team’s precious time to ideate, ship new products, and increase your reach while Merlin cuts out all the repetitive work.

Enterprise-grade Privacy and Data Security

Merlin is built with confidentiality, security, and reliability in mind, which means your data is safe, secure, and is never used to train third-party AI models.

Cost reduction of up to 80%

Our Pay-As-You-Go model ensures that you only pay for what you use, accommodating individual needs of all your team members.

Centralized Admin hub for Effortless management

Manage teams members, billing, and shared resources throughout your organization from a single admin dashboard.


Innovate faster & Achieve more with an AI-powered Team

Summarize content on Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, and all major social media platforms

Generate high-quality blogs, essays, emails, social media posts, and more in 15+ languages

Get latest data on weather, finance, and international politics in seconds

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