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upto3 Millionwords*
Get 2000 queries for 1500 words
per query
Advantages of starter
Sharp & concise replies to your queries
One time login & seamless access
No country wise restriction
Less than 0.01% downtime
2x Faster query time
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upto9 Millionwords*
Get 6000 queries for 1500 words
per query
Advantages of boost
All the benefits of starter plus
Email support within 24 hours
Video call support within 36 hours
Early access to beta features (on request)
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upto36 Millionwords*
Get 24000 queries for 1500 words
per query
Advantages of elite
All the benefits of boost plus
Ability to further increase limits at the same cost per query
Video call support within 24 hours
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* Merlin has word limitation 750 English words per query.
Maximum possible words = Number of Queries x 750
  • One Query ~ 3500 characters ~ 750 English words
  • One Query --> selected Text + given Prompt + answer
  • Count of words will vary for other languages
  • Refresh will count as a new query
  • If you want to pay more to get word limit
    increased to up to 2100 words per query.
To increase the word limit please mail us at