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Solve y=-2x; y=5x-21

Can you explain photosynthesis?

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How to Use Merlin AI as Homework Helper

Ask a Homework Question

Ask a Homework Question

Type in your homework question or upload a document or image of the problem.

Generate a Solution

Generate a Solution

Our powerful AI tool will quick analyze your question and formulate an accurate solution.

Get a Step-by-Step Answer

Get a Step-by-Step Answer

In seconds, your question AI will deliver a comprehensive step-by-step answer to the question.

Why use Merlin's Question AI Tool?

Our Question AI has unique features and all free, also known as Homework AI.

solve problems in textSnapping & Problem Solving

Just take a picture of your math problems and then get the answers quickly! Wonderful Homework AI copilot.

solve problems in text24-hour AI copilot

24 hours online answer questions and provide u with professional and concise solutions! Question AI is your good AI copilot.

solve problems in textAI Chat

Respond to your needs promptly and quickly. You can also discuss a pdf file or pdf files with your darling Question AI.

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No Fear textbooks. Show you authoritative textbook solutions in all subjects with a clear and understandable way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Melin’s Question AI handle complex or technical language?

Yes, it can. Merlin provide advanced model such as GPT-4o, that has been trained on big datasets, so technical or complex data won’t be a problem. Merlin’s Question AI can handle any academic or technical langauges.

Can Merlin’s Question AI be used on mobile devices, or is it only available on desktop?

Merlin’s Question AI is accessible on both desktop and mobile. Merlin’s Question AI supports Windows and Mac systems as well as IOS and Android.

How fast Merlin’s Question AI generate an answer?

Within seconds.

How many questions can Merlin’s Question AI tool handle at once?

There’s no limit. Question AI can handle several questions at the same time.

Can Merlin’s Question AI make several versions of the Same text, each with a different level of detail?

Question AI can give you a longer or shorter text, depending on your wishes.

How does the Merlin’s Question AI answer?‍

The AI utilizes the GPT-4o model to interpret your questions and provide contextually relevant answers.

Is the Merlin’s Question AI free to use?

Yes, we provide the for free. No registration is necessary.

Does the generator support queries in multiple languages?

Yes, Merlin AI effectively responds to queries in multiple languages.

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