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What is Ask AI?

Ask AI is a Web app version of Merlin AI that lets you ask questions and get quick, precise, and factual answers. It provides you with free access to top AI models. Helps you summarize, create, translate, and review all types of content.

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Merlin Ask AI’s Chat feature is great for anyone, be it busy professionals or curious students, looking for quick and insightful answers. It uses over 20 AI models, including GPT-4 & GPT 4o, to give spot-on responses. Use it whenever you need reliable info quickly. Unlike regular search engines, it shines by letting you ask follow-up questions, making your research super efficient and thorough.

Who Can Benefit from Merlin's Free AI Chat?
Leaders:Enhance productivity and stay ahead in the market while saving time.
Business Owners:Automate customer service, handle inquiries, and improve user engagement at no extra cost.
Students:Receive immediate assistance for research and assignments and efficiently learn new topics.
Content Creators:Brainstorm ideas, create content, and manage social media interactions smoothly.
Non-Profits:Offer support, respond to queries, and engage with donors and volunteers effectively.
Freelancers:Simplify client communication, manage projects, and automate repetitive tasks easily

Merlin's AI Chatbot: Ask AI Questions About Anything

Merlin's Ask AI is one of the best AI chatbots because of the following features:

  • Available Around the Clock: Receive quick answers and support at any time, ensuring your inquiries are always addressed.

  • Versatile Knowledge Base: Participate in discussions on a vast array of topics, ranging from academic subjects to everyday questions.

  • Intuitive User Interface: Enjoy a smooth chatting experience with an easy-to-use layout that simplifies interaction with the AI.

  • Ongoing Learning: Take advantage of a chatbot that constantly enhances its knowledge base, delivering accurate and current information.

  • Personalized Interactions: Receive bespoke responses designed to match your specific inquiries and preferences, improving your overall experience.

  • Multi-Model Access: Harness the combined strengths of ChatGPT 4o, ChatGPT 4, ChatGPT 3.5, Llama, and Claude on a single platform for rich and varied AI engagement.

Benefits of Merlin's Ask AI

1. Around-the-Clock AvailabilityGet quick answers anytime, ensuring your inquiries are always addressed promptly.
2. Versatile Knowledge BaseEngage in discussions on a wide range of topics, from academic subjects to everyday questions.
3. Intuitive InterfaceEnjoy a smooth chatting experience with an easy-to-use layout that simplifies interactions with the AI.
4. Constantly ImprovingBenefit from a chatbot that continuously enhances its knowledge base, delivering accurate and up-to-date information.
5. Personalized ResponsesReceive tailored answers that match your specific questions and preferences, enhancing your overall experience.
6. Multi-Model AccessUtilize the power of ChatGPT-4o,ChatGPT-4, ChatGPT-3.5, Llama, and Claude, all on one single platform, for a comprehensive and versatile interaction.

With Merlin's Ask AI : Increase Your Productivity

1. AI Summarizer

1.1 Summary Generator: Article Summarizer

This Tool generates concise summaries of long-tail textual content in a structured way.

Merlin's Article Summary Generator is used by everyone, from students to working professionals such as researchers, marketers, content creators, etc.

Screenshot 2024-02-10 095507.png

1.2 Youtube Summarizer:

This tool is a total game changer when it comes to consuming content at a fast rate, as the name suggests you can create summaries of video content on YouTube just by clicking on the button on the right side of your screen, it not only increases your speed for consuming content but also your range as you can summarize content which is in a different language. Merlin AI’s YouTube summarizer also provides you with the functions of generating a tweet or a post for LinkedIn. This tool is best for content creators, marketers, students, and even for researchers.


2. AI Writer

2.1. Paragraph Generator

A paragraph generator is an AI tool designed to create easy-to-read and relevant paragraphs based on your needs. It’s perfect for when you just need a quick paragraph for a blog or research paper. The real value of these generators lies in their ability to make content creation a breeze. They help writers get past writer's block, spark new ideas, and craft engaging content across different topics. They’re also super handy for writing introductions and conclusions for “how-to” blogs or abstracts for research papers, among other things. Merlin's paragraph writer helps you to generate a content 20X faster.


2.2. AI Essay Writer

This could be the best tool to have in your arsenal when you encounter writer’s block, Whenever you have to write an essay on a topic that you don’t know much about or don’t know where to start, just go to AI Essay Writer and enter the topic, select the additional fields educational level, word limit, tone, stance} and even after this, if you have any additional instruction, just write it in the input box along with your topic and it will generate an essay in few seconds. Screenshot 2024-04-22 162832.png

2.3. Literature Review Generator

A literature review is a detailed overview of what other researchers have said about a particular topic. It involves analyzing existing research papers to highlight key findings, gaps, theories, and debates. For this purpose literature review generators come in very handy. Screenshot 2024-05-01 014507.png

2.4. Write a reply to an Email

Answering emails daily can take up a lot of time and hurt your productivity. To save time, you can use Merlin for Gmail to draft replies and then just proofread them before hitting send. You can just paste or manually write the context and ask Merlin to write a reply.

Benefits of Merlin's AI Chat - Your Best Free AI Companion

1. Interactive content understanding: You can ask questions about the content directly on the page you're viewing. Web Chat will answer based on the information available on the website.

2. Contextual responses: If you're reading a lengthy article or complex content and you're unsure about certain parts, you can use the Web Chat feature to ask specific queries. You’ll get responses that are contextually appropriate referring to the content of the webpage.

3. Summarization: If you encounter a large block of text or a long article, Merlin can generate concise summaries, aiding in understanding the main points without going through the entire content.

4. Integration with the browsing experience: Merlin integrates seamlessly with your browsing, allowing you to trigger chat for the website whenever you need some assistance understanding the webpage's content.

5. Adaptive Learning: Merlin's chatbot learns from each interaction, allowing it to offer more personalized responses and recommendations over time, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

6. Multilingual Support: It can communicate in multiple languages, making it accessible to a global audience and enhancing its usability across different geographic and linguistic demographics.

7. Seamless Integration: Merlin Chat can be easily integrated with existing software and platforms, as it works on chrome extension.

8. Advanced Security Features: Our chatbot ensures conversations are secure and private with end-to-end encryption, protecting sensitive data and complying with international data protection regulations. We don't save any data.

9. 24/7 Availability: Our chatbot operates around the clock, providing constant support without breaks, holidays, or downtimes, ensuring users always have access to assistance when needed.

10. Cost Efficiency: Merlin's chatbot reduces operational costs by automating routine inquiries and tasks, allowing human agents to focus on more complex and value-added activities.

How you ask questions to AI Chat

Merlin's AI tool can answer all your questions but you need to be sure what you are looking for and how to give prompts. By slightly changing the word, our prompts are changing and so is the result. See below 3 examples:

  1. Ask AI Question: "Show me 10 words with AI" 10 words with AI The answer shown by AI is 10 words that contain the letter "ai"

  2. This time the questions asked to AI was: "Show me 10 AI words". And the result is: 10 AI words.png

Here the answer that AI has given is 10 words that are related to AI(artificial intelligence) 3. Now try asking AI the question: "Tell me the words that start with ai." This prompt is very straight forward and so is the result. words start with AI.png

Use Merlin's Ask AI Anything


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I talk to AI Free online?

Yes, on websites such as Merlin AI, you can speak to artificial intelligence online through different chatbots and virtual assistants. In order to understand and respond to user input, these AI platforms use natural language processing.

Are there any free AI chat tools?

Yes, Merlin AI offers a Free AI chat. Through its Chrome extension, it allows users to engage with AI on any browser tab.

What defines an AI chatbot? | How would you describe a chatbot in simple terms?

An AI chatbot is a software program designed to interact with humans using artificial intelligence.

What is the best Ask AI chatbot?

The ideal AI chatbots depend on specific user needs. Popular options include ChatGPT, Alexa, and Merlin. Merlin, in particular, offers over 60 AI tools to cover all your AI requirements.

Are AI chatbots available for free? | How can one access free chatbots?

Merlin AI is free and safe to use, providing each user with 102 daily free queries. These queries are applicable across various AI models like GPT 3.5, GPT 4, Claude, Opus, Mistral, and Gemini.

Is ChatGPT an AI chatbot?

Yes, ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that assists users by responding to their questions and engaging in conversation.

Is AI chatting safe? | Is Asking AI safe?

AI chatting is safe when privacy and security protocols are adhered to. It is crucial to utilize chatbots from trusted providers. At Merlin, user data security is a top priority.

What makes AI chatbots beneficial?

AI chatbots are advantageous because they provide immediate responses, assist with repetitive tasks, and are accessible around the clock.

What is the benefit of AI chat?

The primary benefit of these artificial intelligence chatbots is their ability to manage multiple conversations simultaneously, saving time for both users and businesses.

Is there an AI that I can ask questions?

Yes, Merlin AI Chat is a Free Ask AI chatbot to which you can ask questions. It delivers answers on a wide array of topics, ranging from general information to specific queries.

Is there a real AI I can talk to?

Yes, Merlin Ask AI Chat is a real artificial intelligence that you can communicate with. It is designed to hold meaningful conversations and offer helpful insights based on your queries.

Is there a free AI I can ask anything? | Is there a free AI Chat?

Indeed, Merlin AI Chat provides a free chat service. You can utilize it to ask questions, get advice, or just engage in a conversation with an AI.

How to Ask AI a Question?

Asking Merlin AI Chat a question is straightforward. Just enter your question into the Ask AI chat box, and the AI will generate a response based on the information it has been trained on.

Is there any voice chat AI?

Yes, there are several notable voice chat AI services available:

  • Google Assistant: This AI can be activated on your smartphone or smart home device, where you can ask questions, set reminders, control smart home devices, and more using voice commands.

  • Amazon Alexa: Found on Amazon Echo devices, Alexa can answer questions, play music, provide weather updates, manage smart home devices, and perform various tasks through voice commands.

  • Apple Siri: Integrated into iPhones, iPads, Macs, and other Apple devices, Siri can respond to questions, send messages, set reminders, and carry out other tasks using voice commands.

  • Microsoft Cortana: Available on Windows devices, Cortana assists with numerous tasks via voice commands, including setting reminders, answering questions, and providing updates.

Who owns ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is owned by OpenAI. OpenAI is known for its advancements in Artificial Intelligence and its commitment to developing artificial general intelligence safely and beneficially.

What is an AI chatbot? | What is a chatbot in simple words?

An artificial intelligence chatbot is a computer program that talks with people using artificial intelligence.

Ask AI Anything