Top 15 AI Affiliate Programs

Know how to earn money with AI affiliate programs. Read below to know the best programs to join.

For all digital dreamers who are ready to dive into a world where online influence transforms into tangible rewards, the AI affiliate programs are the way forward. With a ton of options in the affiliate program options, you can look forward to a journey filled with excitement, commission smiles, and a sprinkle of magic!

Top 15 AI Affiliate Programs

Here is the list of top 15 AI affiliate stars that can be explored.

1. Merlin: Where Magic Meets Marketing

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Merlin waves its wand to simplify content generation, making it as easy as a magical incantation. From emails to SEO spells, Merlin effortlessly fits into your digital toolkit, adapting to your needs. Earn enchanting commissions and bonuses as you join forces with Merlin on this magical journey. Commission: 30% recurring with additional bonus

Cookie Duration: 90 days

Additional Benefit: AI assistant to save hours of time, works in every language.

2. Descript

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Descript is an innovative platform that employs advanced AI technology to transcribe and edit audio content. It enables users to effortlessly edit spoken words like text, facilitating seamless audio and podcast production with remarkable precision and efficiency. Commission Rate: 15% recurring Cookie Duration: 30 days Payout Threshold: $10 Additional Benefit: Simplifies audio and video editing for creators.

3. Bit

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Bit is an intuitive document collaboration platform that leverages AI to streamline teamwork. It offers seamless integration of documents, real-time editing, and smart content suggestions. Bit optimizes team collaboration and content management with its advanced AI capabilities. Commission Rate: 25% recurring Cookie Duration: 30 days Payout Threshold: $50 Additional Benefit: Intelligent document collaboration platform.


aff landr.png

LANDR offers automated music mastering, distribution, and collaboration tools for musicians and content creators. Its advanced algorithms provide high-quality mastering, music distribution, and collaboration features to enhance the music production process efficiently. Commission Rate: $50 Cookie Duration: 30 days Payout Threshold: $100 Additional Benefit: AI-driven mastering and distribution tools for musicians.

5. Simplified

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Simplified AI is a dynamic platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to streamline and optimize various business processes. Its advanced algorithms and machine learning capabilities are designed to simplify complex tasks, enhance productivity, and drive data-driven decision-making across diverse industries. Commission Rate: 20% recurring Cookie Duration: 30 days Payout Threshold: $50 Additional Benefit: Design and collaboration platform for marketing teams.

6. Synthesia

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Synthesia is an AI-driven platform that enables the creation of personalized video content at scale. With its advanced technology, it allows users to generate natural-looking, human-like videos in multiple languages, offering a revolutionary approach to video production and communication strategies. Commission Rate: 20% recurring Cookie Duration: 60 days Payout Threshold: $30 Additional Benefit: Video creation platform with customizable virtual characters.

7. Surfer

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Surfer is an AI-powered SEO platform that provides advanced data-driven analysis for optimizing content performance. Through its sophisticated algorithms, Surfer offers actionable insights, keyword research, and content optimization, enabling users to enhance their website's SEO and improve search engine rankings effectively. Commission Rate: 25% recurring Cookie Duration: 30 days Additional Benefit: SEO optimization tool for improving search engine rankings.

8. Deep Art Effects

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Deep Art Effects is a creative AI-powered platform that transforms photos into artworks and paintings. With advanced neural network technology, it offers a wide array of artistic styles and filters, enabling users to create stunning and unique visual compositions effortlessly. Commission Rate: 25% Cookie Duration: 120 days Payout Threshold: $50 Additional Benefit: AI-powered image editing platform.

9. TubeBuddy

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TubeBuddy is a leading AI-powered browser extension for YouTube content creators. It offers intuitive features such as video SEO, analytics, and productivity tools to streamline the content creation process. By leveraging AI, TubeBuddy helps users optimize their YouTube channel, boost views, and enhance audience engagement efficiently. Commission Rate: Up to 30% recurring Cookie Duration: Lifetime Payout Threshold: $10 Additional Benefit: YouTube optimization tools for creators.

10. Notion AI

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NotionAI is a revolutionary artificial intelligence system designed to integrate seamlessly with Notion, the all-in-one workspace app. It enhances user experience by providing advanced capabilities such as natural language processing, content organization, and intelligent automation. Commission Rate: 50% recurring Cookie Duration: 90 days Payout Threshold: $5 Additional Benefit: Translation into 100+ languages and question-answering capabilities.

11. Seamless

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Seamless AI is a powerful sales and marketing intelligence platform that provides accurate and insightful data for lead generation and customer engagement. Through its advanced database and machine learning algorithms, Seamless AI empowers businesses to identify potential prospects, improve customer targeting, and enhance overall sales and marketing performance with reliable data-driven insights. Commission Rate: Up to 40% recurring Cookie Duration: 90 days Payout Threshold: $5 Additional Benefit: Verified contact information for B2B sales and marketing.

12. Otter

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Otter is a cutting-edge AI-powered transcription and collaboration tool ideal for meetings, interviews, and note-taking. It uses advanced machine learning to accurately transcribe spoken content, making it easy to search, share, and organize audio information effectively. Commission Rate: Up to 60% Cookie Duration: 30 days Payout Threshold: $10 Additional Benefit: AI meeting assistant for recording, note-taking, and summarizing.

13. GetResponse

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GetResponse is an all-in-one marketing platform that harnesses the power of AI to optimize email marketing, automation, and webinars. It empowers businesses with advanced analytics, segmentation, and personalized communication, enabling effective engagement and conversion strategies. Commission Rate: 33% recurring or $100 one-time commission Cookie Duration: 120 days Payout Threshold: $50 Additional Benefit: Robust email marketing platform with various features.

14. Semrush

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SEMrush is a comprehensive SEO and marketing toolkit powered by AI. It offers advanced keyword research, traffic analysis, and content optimization tools to help businesses improve their online visibility and digital marketing performance, making data-driven decisions for optimal online strategy. Commission Rate: Up to $200 Cookie Duration: 120 days Payout Threshold: $10 Additional Benefit: Digital marketing toolkit offering insights and analytics.

15. Pixlr

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Pixlr is a user-friendly AI-enhanced photo editing platform that offers a wide range of tools and effects. As an online photo editor, it provides powerful AI capabilities for quick and efficient image enhancements, making it a versatile solution for both casual users and professionals alike Commission Rate: 40% Cookie Duration: 60 days Payout Threshold: $50 Additional Benefit: Cloud-based image editing tools.


With these and other amazing options to chose from, the decision to choose one program gets difficult. You can give a try to various programs before you select and plan on joining any one of these. In my view, Merlin rules the kingdom for giving galore rewards and recurrent commissions. Having said this, there are other options as well that help you make huge sums of money. Check out the programs and chose the one that suits you the best. Ready to dive into the magic? Join the enchantment with your chosen Affiliate program and explore the wonders of these AI affiliate stars!


1. Is affiliate marketing possible with AI? clear answer

While AI is helping people to ease their task, the various affiliate programs also help in making money. You try a tool, like it, refer it to your network and earn money while enjoying your new companion. Affiliate marketing is a thing in AI tools also now.

2. Can I make money with AI affiliate programs?

Yes. Based upon the affiliate program that you are choosing and their commission parameters, you can definitely earn money with AI affiliate programs.

3. Which is the best AI affiliate program?

Merlin AI is one of the best platforms whose AI affiliate programs with one of the highest and recurrent commissions in the industry.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

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