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10 Best AI tools for excel

Discover the top 10 AI-powered Excel tools that revolutionize data management, from predictive analytics to formula creation, empowering users to work smarter.

Are you ready to take your Excel game to the next level? Imagine you have a personal assistant built right into your spreadsheets, that is always ready to crunch numbers, analyze data, and uncover insights at lightning speed. That's the power of AI in Excel.

The time for manual data entry and hours spent behind it are gone. With different AI tools seamlessly integrated into Excel, users can now use new technology. This becomes a huge help to streamline workflows and unlock new possibilities in data management.

AI-powered Excel tools are very convincing when it comes to revolutionizing the way we work with data. By automating repetitive and boring tasks and providing advanced analysis capabilities, these tools empower users to work smarter, not harder.

In this article, we’re going to look at the benefits of AI tools for Excel and the 10 best of these tools that’ll make your life so much easier.

10 Best AI Tools for Excel

Let's look at the world of AI-powered Excel tools and discover the top contenders who are changing the data management scene.

1. DataRobot

Screenshot 2024-04-23 183555.png

DataRobot brings the power of predictive analytics to Excel. With its user-friendly interface and powerful technology behind it, it makes a great tool for everyone who uses it. Whether you're forecasting sales trends or predicting customer behavior, DataRobot simplifies the process and delivers accurate insights in mere minutes. It can easily read data for you and draw conclusions.

2. Power Query


Power Query is a game-changer for data transformation and integration. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Power Query allows users to import, clean, and reshape data from multiple sources with ease, making it ideal for preparing data for analysis.


Screenshot 2024-04-23 184041.png

XLSTAT is another tool for all your Excel needs. It is a comprehensive statistical analysis tool that can be easily integrated with Excel. From descriptive statistics to advanced modeling techniques, XLSTAT provides a wide range of tools for analyzing data and generating insights. This makes it a must-have for data-driven decision-making.

4. Excel Formula Bot

Screenshot 2024-04-23 184202.png

Excel Formula Bot simplifies formula creation for Excel and Google Sheets through AI. This user-friendly tool swiftly translates text instructions into formulas, bolstering productivity seamlessly.

5. GPTExcel

Screenshot 2024-04-23 184338.png

GPTExcel uses AI to craft spreadsheet formulas for Excel and Google Sheets. With its user-centric interface and detailed explanations, navigating complex formulas becomes effortless.

6. Sheet+

Screenshot 2024-04-23 233243.png

Sheet+ accelerates formula creation in Google Sheets and Excel by tenfold. By converting text into accurate formulas swiftly, it liberates users from formula writing drudgery, amplifying productivity.

7. Excelly-AI


Excelly-AI, utilizing GPT-3.5-turbo technology, swiftly generates potent Excel formulas. With its intuitive interface and Slack integration, it's a must-have for teams seeking streamlined workflows.

8. Formularizer

Screenshot 2024-04-23 183350.png

Formularizer empowers users to convert text instructions into Excel formulas effortlessly. By offering real-time formula generation, it expedites task completion without compromising accuracy.

9. Formula Dog

Screenshot 2024-04-23 183244.png

Formula Dog revolutionizes formula creation by automating the conversion of text instructions into Excel formulas and VBA code. You simply need to type in your condition in the text and it will give you a formula for it. You can use it for Google Sheets and other alternatives too. Its user-friendly interface simplifies complex formula generation.

10. AI Excel Bot

Screenshot 2024-04-23 183108.png

AI Excel Bot, driven by GPT-3 AI, expedites complex formula creation in Excel. Its intuitive design and real-time feedback streamline formula generation, marking a paradigm shift in Excel efficiency. All you need to do is enter your condition in the text and get a generated formula in return.

Common feature

One common feature in all these tools is that they can convert any textual condition into a formula for you within seconds. So stop worrying about learning every formula that is there in excel for your data. You can simply use these tools.

Conditions you can turn to formulas

Sum of A when cell B contains number 2 =SUMIF(B:B, "2", A:A) Number of values in cell D where B is true =COUNTIF(B:B,TRUE) Separate cells of column C in two cells =LEFT(C1, FIND("/", C1)-1) =RIGHT(C1, LEN(C1) - FIND("/", C1))

The Benefits of AI-Powered Excel Tools

1. Enhanced Productivity

By automating repetitive tasks and streamlining data processes, AI-powered Excel tools can free up valuable time for more strategic activities. With tasks completed faster and more efficiently, users can focus on driving business growth and innovation.

2. Improved Accuracy and Consistency

AI algorithms are designed to analyze large datasets and identify patterns that may not be apparent to human analysts. By using AI-powered Excel tools, users can uncover hidden insights and make data-driven decisions with confidence.

3. Accessibility and Ease of Use

One of the key benefits of AI-powered Excel tools is their accessibility to users of all skill levels. With intuitive interfaces and guided workflows, these tools empower users to use advanced analytics techniques without the need for extensive training or technical expertise.


As we look to the future of Excel, one thing is clear: AI is here to stay. By embracing AI-powered Excel tools, organizations can drive innovation, increase efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth and success in the ever-evolving landscape of data analytics.


1. Can I use AI tools with older versions of Excel?

It depends on the specific tool, but many AI-powered Excel tools are designed to be compatible with older versions of Excel.

2. Are there free AI tools available for Excel?

Yes, there are some free AI tools available, although they may have limitations compared to paid versions.

3. Do I need coding skills to use AI-powered Excel tools?

No, most AI-powered Excel tools are designed to be user-friendly and require minimal to no coding skills.

4. How do AI-powered Excel tools handle sensitive data?

It's essential to choose reputable tools with robust security features and ensure compliance with data privacy regulations when working with sensitive data.

5. Can AI-powered Excel tools be customized to specific business needs?

Yes, many AI-powered Excel tools offer customization options to tailor them to specific business requirements and use cases.

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