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Let's imagine a world where the savvy combination of artificial intelligence, like GPT-4, and human brainpower speeds up tasks in inventing new items. Think about developing a product—it's usually a marathon of analyzing a huge amount of market trends, sifting through competitor info, and gauging what customers want to come up with the next big thing.

This kind of work can be sped up by bringing automation into the mix, boosting efficiency, and slashing how long it takes to get new products into the hands of shoppers.

Crucial to this high-speed work are large language models (LLMs), which, according to studies by OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania, could reshape up to 19% of jobs by automating half of their tasks.

To see this idea in action, a detailed, hands-on test was rolled out. The goal? To draft up a business plan and pitch for a top-notch running shoe. And guess what? The total bill for running this test using Merlin AI, powering through market research to help develop the product, didn't even hit the one-dollar mark.

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The Test Case: Crafting the Perfect Running Shoe

The task was simple—use Merlin AI’s free GPT-4 to dream up the ideal entry-level women's running shoe. The inspiration? The writer's own daughter wishes to lace up for her first running event. This was all about exploring possibilities, with no commercial strings attached, using freely available online data.

Our mission was ambitious: to come up with a shoe concept that not only took the best parts of what’s already out there but also tackled common customer gripes.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 143936.png

Our checklist was hefty: dig upmarket insights, check its facts for bias, create a solid business case, and figure out a catchy name and a fair price for the shoe.

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What Merlin Managed to Do

While the final suggestion wasn't meant to hit store shelves, the swiftness and ease of its tasks were impressive. In under half an hour—a task that might take humans many hours—Merlin breezed through the report. And all this without needing any local computers, storage, or databases for gathering or blending data.

Even the computing costs for this whole experiment were shockingly modest, less than a single dollar.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 144043.png

This experiment's write-up spells out the tasks, the commands given, and the hurdles encountered in the journey from market research to proposing a business plan:

Once the automatic steps were done, Merlin AI got down to wrapping up the findings in a detailed report, complete with reasons for its new product idea.

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The Process Merlin AI Went Through

For this task, Merlin AI, with a handy tool called WebPilot, was set up to scour the internet in real-time. This tool armed GPT-4 with the most up-to-date data. The workflow broke down into several steps: market digging, product and consumer analysis, product suggestions, and creating an Appendix.

The market research phase was about zeroing in on top products for our target audience. Next, it analyzed each product's specs, prices, and unique features in detail. Then it was on to hunting down real feedback from consumers and professionals alike.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 144153.png

With all this info gathered, Merlin AI then pitched a brand-new product idea.

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Finally, it was time to wrap everything up neatly, showing all its homework in an Appendix with sources, the bumps in the road it hit, and filters used in its research.

In the end, Merlin AI presented a well-organized report with an Executive Summary, tables, and even a starter marketing strategy, suggesting a name, pricing, and core messages.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 144236.png

What This All Means

Performed using publicly available resources, this exercise would traditionally chew through many hours of personal research and data sorting. The resulting recommendation is basic, not yet production-ready, but it's a fast-track way for makers to spot the bumps and boosts in how people interact with their products, allowing for almost instant analysis.

Highlighting the efficiency, all tasks and the full report were done by Merlin AI in less than half an hour, costing less than a dollar in computational charges. Drafting, testing, and tweaking the commands took approximately three hours, spread out. Insights from this run-through will make future prompts sharper and reduce the time even more.

This example showcases the exciting potential AI has to revolutionize research and forecast tasks across the board in product development. Now, comprehensive content reviews, analysis, and the journey to a final recommendation can be accomplished with the help of a virtual aide who works non-stop and can sort out issues with a level of independence.

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1. How does Merlin AI streamline market research compared to traditional methods?

Merlin AI's real-time internet scouring with GPT-4 and WebPilot enables rapid analysis of products, consumer feedback, and market trends. This approach significantly reduces the time and cost associated with traditional market research methods.

2. Can Merlin AI's recommendations be directly implemented in product production?

While Merlin AI's suggestions offer valuable insights, they are foundational and not production-ready. The tool serves as a quick analysis aid, allowing makers to identify trends and consumer interactions efficiently rather than providing a final production blueprint.

3. How does Merlin AI maintain unbiased and accurate market insights in its reports?

Merlin AI employs WebPilot for real-time data gathering, ensuring diverse and updated information. With a workflow spanning market analysis, product evaluation, and consumer insights, it aims to provide a comprehensive and unbiased view. The report details sources, filters, and challenges faced during the research process.

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