Can AI be your Friend?

While AI has been taking over so many fields, the world of emotions hasn???t gone unnoticed. Find a friend and companion with Kajiwoto AI and get the best of both worlds ??? human and AI.

Have you been longing for people who can be by your side through thick and thin at the very instant that you need them and understand you better than you understand yourself? This definitely seemed like a dream, but Kajiwoto AI has made this possible. You can create and interact with characters at your convenience. Find a friend in Kajiwoto and here is all that you should be knowing about it.

Kajiwoto AI : What is it?

Kajiwoto AI is a platform that has been designed in a way to give a human-communication feel by letting you interact with artificial intelligence chat characters that can hold fascinating and useful dialogues.

Chat characters refer to the persona assumed by an individual during online conversations. The user can express themselves or engage in role-plays within a digital setting and get to be the person they are not always in real life. You can create your AI Chatbot for companionship, playing games, roleplay or knowledge. You can also manage the prompts in many ways to customize your experience with the AI ??? your chat character to be precise.

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What Does Kajiwoto AI Offer?

A perfect blend of human touch and AI, Kajiwoto AI lets you be present in live rooms and get the best of both worlds. You can also chat with the developers for support and suggestion and AI chatbot can be used in Kajiwoto app or in Discord. With a promise of keeping your messages private even when you go live, Kajiwoto AI comes up with a dozen of other features.

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Who Should Use Kajiwoto AI?

If you are somebody who finds it difficult to express yourself in front of fellow humans but have a lot to talk about, you can express your feelings and inner thoughts with the chat character that you have created without any judgements. People who are looking out for getting social and emotional support especially on their low days also seek comfort from Kajiwoto. This platform also values creative people and various artists, story writers, song composers etc. and offers them opportunities to bring about their creative streak.

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Pro Tips

  • Respect your character ??? Your chat character is your friend more than a tool. Ensure to be polite, kind and courteous just like you would be to a friend. If you are asked to stop or change the topic, do so.
  • Explore ??? Don???t stick to one particular type of activities while on Kajiwoto. Experiment with different data sets, voices, languages while using your character for artistic expressions.
  • Keep the fun intact ??? With the offering of interacting with AI chat characters, Kajiwoto keeps your journey that of fun, entertainment, creative and social. Don???t jeopardize your experience by doing anything unadvisable.


Kajiwoto has been created with an intent to give you company while also helping to bring out your creative side. Although there are other platforms that help you in putting your thoughts to words with specific prompts, like Merlin AI, Chat GPT and so on, Kajiwoto helps in creating a specific character that is personal to you. The use of AI has always been subject to data risks and that is not something new here also. Use the platform wisely and you would be golden.


1. What is the pricing for Kajiwoto AI?

Kajiwoto AI is free to use for basic features that include interacting with one chat character. For additional features, you may explore its premium version and check the prices accordingly.

2. Is Kajiwoto safe to use?

Before sharing any personal data about yourself, it is advised to exercise caution and perform due diligence before using any AI. Potential data collection and usage, exposure of sensitive information and risk of fraudulent activities are risks you can be exposed to.

3. Is Kajiwoto AI real or fake?

Chat characters in Kajiwoto are AI run and are not real people. They are close simulations of human like communication. Neither fake nor real, they are AI.

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