9 Best ChatGPT Custom Models You Need Today

Learn how custom models for ChatGPT can change your experience. Tailor ChatGPT to your needs, from SEO optimization to creative writing assistance and more!

Custom models are a fun way to customize your ChatGPT. I know, pretty obvious by its name right? But there’s more to it. These ChatGPT custom models are Open AI’s version of Chrome extensions. You can install it on your accounts and use it as an extension to elevate your experience on ChatGPT. Let’s look at some of the best ChatGPT Custom models.

In this blog, we will try to understand what exactly are GPT Custom Models, how you can use them, and top pre-existing GPT models that you can use.

What Are Custom GPT Models

Basically, custom models on ChatGPT refer to the ability for users to edit and train their own versions of the ChatGPT model by leveraging additional training data specific to their needs.

This allows you to have a more personalized and targeted conversational experience, tailored to a particular domain, industry, or use case. By training a custom model, users can enhance the model's understanding of specific topics, jargon, and context. thus improving the quality and relevance of its responses within the scope that’s defined.

What is the Need for GPT Models

ChatGPT has become a household tool today. Everyone uses it for everything, regardless of their profession or age. While it is a great tool and one of the easiest ways to look up information today, but, it needs a lot of customization in the form of detailed prompts.

You need to put in a lot of effort to type in these prompts in detail to make ChatGPT understand your point. With the help of Custom Models, it makes your job easier and a lot less time-consuming.

With custom models, you can just open them and start chatting in that particular custom model. It will already have all the important information and context for your conversation. This will lead to more detailed and contextually correct answers.

What is the GPT Store

The GPT Store is like an online hub created by OpenAI. Here, you can hop in, get creative, and even make some cash by crafting your very own versions of ChatGPT, or as we call them, GPTs. And get this - if your personalized GPTs capture people's interest, you can earn some money based on how popular they become. This cool feature will surely inspire creators to cook up some amazing and useful GPTs to share with the community.

Accessing the GPT store isn’t as big a deal as it sounds.

Simply go to https://chat.openai.com/gpts and it will take you directly to the GPT store in seconds.

How to use custom GPT models

Custom GPT Models are pretty easy to use. All you need to do is, open up the GPT Store, look for your ideal custom model. Once you find it, all you need to do is chat away! Click on the Start Chat option, and it’ll take you directly to your ChatGPT. With ChatGPT plus, you can talk to the custom model easily.

Who all are using GPT custom models

Custom ChatGPT models are used by a wide range of individuals and organizations, including businesses, customer support teams, educators, developers, and researchers. And you can customize these models to specific use cases and industries. This will allow you a more fulfilled, enabled, and personalized conversational experience on ChatGPT.

People in the makeup and beauty industry use it to ask product and makeup technique-related questions.

Data analysts use different data analysis models.

There are multiple different custom models available for copy writers and marketers too.

9 custom GPT models

1. Video Summarizer


The Video Summarizer AI is highly effective at generating educational summaries or in-depth analyses within YouTube video captions. A feature that makes it stand out from the rest is its capability to interpret inquiries in your preferred language and concentrate on the most recent video content, ensuring that the presented summaries and analyses are relevant and current.

2. CapCut VideoGPT


With CapCut VideoGPT, you have the ability to transform your textual concepts into audiovisual scripts and streamline video production. This is achieved through the tool's automatic generation of videos from your inputted scripts. Whether you prefer immediately diving into video creation or following a gradual process of scripting first, this tool guides you in fine-tuning your script and selecting the optimal aspect ratio for your video.

3. Video Insights


Video Insights offers a fast and thorough analysis of YouTube video content. Utilizing video transcripts, it provides a comprehensive summary and analysis of video metadata for enhanced context comprehension. Presently, it can handle YouTube videos of up to 2 hours duration, and in the near future, it will support various video platforms, podcasts, and other audio content formats.

4. Stable diffusion prompter


The Stable Diffusion Prompter acts as a specialized assistant to you. It is proficient in creating intricate and high-caliber prompts for AI image generation employing Stable Diffusion technology. It makes sure that there are optimal outcomes for your AI image creation needs, whether for personal or professional needs. This customized GPT provides expert guidance and prompts.

5. Dall-e


DALL-E is specifically trained to generate images based on textual descriptions. Simply input a description of a scene, object, concept, or anything else, and the tool will utilize that description to create visual representations. Its capabilities are particularly valuable for unleashing creativity and exploring the range of art generated by AI. Just provide a concise yet comprehensive description, and DALL-E will create an image based on it.

6. Julian Goldie


Julian Goldie GPT excels in offering expert guidance and effective solutions for SEO needs. This specialized service offers practical and straightforward recommendations on key SEO areas like link building, content development, and utilization of SEO tools. Additionally, it provides insights on selling backlinks via a dedicated platform, emphasizing the importance of outreaches and link insertions as top-notch strategies for acquiring backlinks.

7. Marketer GPT Pro


GPT Pro Marketer is your go-to for specialized marketing strategy consultation. Acting as your virtual marketing expert, it provides personalized insights to deeply understand your brand or product. This entails assessing the brand, target market, market analysis, and marketing goals to offer strategic guidance on various marketing aspects, such as digital strategy and competitor analysis.

8. Creative Writing Coach


The GPT tool equips you to enhance your creative writing skills, especially beneficial for those with expertise in analyzing various styles of creative writing and fiction. Its main role is to offer constructive feedback, suggestions, and guidance tailored to each writer's unique style and requirements.

9. Hemingway Editor


Hemingway Editor is designed to improve and refine your writing using proven editing principles. This tool streamlines convoluted sentences, swaps adverbs for precise verbs, maintains a uniform tone, and minimizes excessive punctuation and negative language. The ultimate goal is to foster clear and inclusive writing for maximum impact.

Benefits of custom GPT Models

Custom GPT models, which are fine-tuned or trained specifically for particular tasks or domains, offer several benefits:

1. Task-Specific Performance

Think of them as specialists. Custom GPT models can be trained to be extra awesome at certain tasks or topics, making them way better than regular, one-size-fits-all models like the original GPT.

2. Domain Expertise

These models learn about specific fields or subjects, so they're really good with the fancy words and details that come with those areas. This means they understand stuff better and can give more spot-on answers.

3. Reduced Data Requirements

You don't need tons of data to train them. They're pretty chill with smaller datasets, which can be really handy if you don't have heaps of info lying around.

4. Faster Training

Since they already know quite a bit from their pre-training, custom models don't need as much time or fancy computers to learn new stuff. This makes experimenting and tweaking them way faster!

5. Cost-Effectiveness

They save money! Training a model from scratch can be expensive, but custom GPT models are more cost-effective since they build on existing knowledge.

6. Improved Privacy and Security

Custom models allow organizations to train models on their proprietary data without sharing it with third-party providers, thus addressing concerns related to data privacy and security.

7. Flexibility and Adaptability

Custom models can be fine-tuned or adapted further as needed, allowing organizations to continuously improve model performance and keep up with evolving requirements or changes in the domain.


Customizing ChatGPT through custom models is an exciting way to personalize your experience with the platform. These models, akin to Chrome extensions, can be installed to enhance your ChatGPT experience, tailored to your specific needs. The ChatGPT Store provides a variety of these custom models, which can be accessed easily, akin to the Chrome Store. These models are employed by a diverse range of users and organizations, catering to their specific use cases and industries, thereby elevating their conversational experience on ChatGPT.


1. How can ChatGPT custom models improve my SEO efforts?

ChatGPT custom models can enhance SEO efforts by providing tailored content suggestions, helping generate optimized meta descriptions, and assisting with keyword research to create targeted and relevant website content.

2. Can ChatGPT custom models help optimize website copy for specific industries?

Yes, ChatGPT custom models can be trained with industry-specific data and terminology, enabling them to provide contextually relevant suggestions and insights for optimizing website copy tailored to specific industries, thereby improving SEO performance.

3. Are there any specific ChatGPT custom models designed for SEO professionals or content marketers?

Yes, there are ChatGPT custom models like "Julian Goldie" and "Marketer GPT Pro" specifically designed to offer expert guidance on SEO strategies, content optimization, and digital marketing tactics, empowering SEO professionals and content marketers to enhance their strategies and boost organic search rankings.

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