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Learn C++ in 30 Days with AI - Save Time

Master C++ in 30 days with our structured learning plan, covering basics to advanced concepts, including hands-on projects for practical application and more.

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What is C++

C++ is a powerful, high-performance programming language widely used for developing system software, games, real-time simulations, and applications requiring high performance. Understanding C++ opens up various opportunities for aspiring programmers. This comprehensive 30-day plan is designed to help beginners learn C++ from scratch, progressing through basic, intermediate, and advanced topics to eventually master practical applications.

And on top of that, using AI can help you save SO MUCH TIME! You can use Merlin ChatGPT Extension to make learning so much easier for you. All the topics that are mentioned here can easily be learned from the internet, especially now in no time.

With the help of this Chatbot you can summarise huge blogs and articles in seconds. You can also get detailed notes from any youtube video you want. Let's see how it can help you learn better!

Week 1: Basics of C++

Day 1: Setting Up the Development Environment

Before diving into C++ programming, it's essential to set up the appropriate environment. Install an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) like Code::Blocks or a text editor like Visual Studio Code and a C++ compiler such as GCC.

Day 2: Understanding Variables and Data Types

Start by grasping the fundamental concepts—variables, data types, and their usage in C++ programming. Learn about int, float, double, char, and other essential data types. You can find different resources on these topics very easily on the internet as blogs and videos.

Regardless of what your preferred method of learning is, you can use Merlin to get summary and detailed notes of every topic. In this way you wont have to go through the whole video or article, and yet you will be able to learn all the information that is available out there.

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Day 3: Decision-Making and Control Statements

Understanding how decision-making through if, else, and switch statements, along with control flow using for, while, and do-while loops, is fundamental to C++.

Day 4: Loops and Iteration

Dive deeper into loops, exploring their various types—while, do-while, and for loops—and their practical applications.

Day 5: Arrays and Strings

Discover the importance of arrays and strings in C++, their declaration, initialization, and manipulation.

Week 2: Intermediate C++

Day 6: Functions and Modular Programming

Learn the concept of functions and the importance of modular programming in C++, along with creating and using functions effectively.

Day 7: Pointers and References

Understand the concept of pointers and references, their significance, and practical usage in C++ programming.

Day 8: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts

Introduce yourself to the core principles of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and its relevance in C++.

Day 9: Classes and Objects

Learn about classes, objects, member functions, constructors, and destructors in C++.

Day 10: Inheritance and Polymorphism

Delve into the inheritance hierarchy, polymorphism, and virtual functions, building on the foundation of OOP.

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Week 3: Advanced C++

Day 11: Templates and Generic Programming

Explore the concept of templates and generic programming, and their roles in code reusability and generic algorithms.

Day 12: Exception Handling

Understand exception handling, its importance in error management in C++, and how to use try, catch, and throw statements effectively.

Day 13: File Handling

Master file input and output operations, understanding file streams, file opening modes, and error handling.

Day 14: Standard Template Library (STL) - Containers and Algorithms

Learn about various containers like vectors, lists, and maps, as well as the algorithms provided by the STL.

Day 15: Memory Management and Smart Pointers

Memory management and Smart pointers are objects that manage the memory allocation and deallocation automatically. They are important topics when it comes to C++.

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Week 4: Practical Application and Projects

Day 16-20: Mini Projects and Practice Exercises

Implementing what you have learned in the form of projects is a great way to actually put your learnings to practical use.

Day 21-25: Developing Small Applications

Developing Applications is another way of putting your knowledge to practical use. Not only will this be good practice, but it’ll help you grow and learn more with the experience.

Day 26-30: Comprehensive Project and Review

You can read about different projects that people have done to get their perspective and understand how other people look at a particular problem. Use Merlin to save time when you're going through extremely lengthy research papers. It can help you grow tremendously, giving you a better understanding of all the different angles you can look at a problem.


This comprehensive 30-day plan breaks down C++ from basics to advanced concepts, enabling beginners to grasp variables, loops, OOP, templates, and more. The structured approach includes practical projects, fostering hands-on learning for aspiring programmers.


1. Why should I learn C++ over other programming languages?

C++ is renowned for its high performance and efficiency, making it a top choice for system software, game development, and real-time simulations. Its versatility, combined with a strong emphasis on memory management, provides a solid foundation for building robust applications.

2. How is this 30-day C++ plan different from other learning resources?

This plan offers a structured and progressive approach, covering essential topics like variables, loops, OOP, and advanced concepts. What sets it apart is the incorporation of practical projects throughout the journey, ensuring hands-on application of knowledge, a crucial aspect often missing in conventional learning resources.

3. What practical applications can I build after completing the 30-day C++ plan?

By the end of the program, you'll have the skills to develop mini projects, applications, and a comprehensive project. These range from basic exercises and small applications to a substantial project, allowing you to apply C++ concepts in real-world scenarios. This hands-on experience is invaluable for reinforcing your understanding and preparing you for future programming endeavors.

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