3 GPT Tips That Will Make Life Easier

Unlock the full potential of ChatGPT with innovative prompts for expert advice, enhanced online searches, and reliable fact-checking. Elevate your productivity now

This article isn’t like most you find about GPT with claims like “6 Mindblowing ChatGPT Secrets 99% of People Don’t Know About." Here's a little-known fact: GPT can actually churn out those catchy, click-worthy articles all by itself! Just give it a go and tell it to mimic a professional writer. You might even get a neat blog post in return.

But let me get to the meat of what I discovered while playing with GPT quietly on my own. I've figured out three clever ways to use GPT for things like expert advice, detailed online searches, and checking facts. Think of them as "meta-uses" because they can branch into all sorts of specific tasks - from learning about obscure topics to fact-checking news.

I’m not just going to leave you with basic suggestions and call it a day. Instead, I’ll show you:

  • How to craft better, more complex prompts.
  • Break down these prompts to show you why they work.
  • Give you templates you can just copy, paste, and use right away.

These advanced prompts have seriously upgraded how fast I research and work, and I bet they can do the same for you.

I used Merlin AI to try out these prompts. Not only was I able to use GPT-4 for free there, but it was also very convenient with its chatbot.

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1 - Turn GPT into an Expert on a Specific Topic

One time, while outside with a farmer friend, I showed him how GPT could be the expert on coconut farming we needed. I set up a simple prompt and GPT provided detailed steps on how to extract coconut oil.

Here's how you awaken GPT’s inner grammar wizard with a more complex prompt:

Screenshot 2023-12-06 203306.png

"From now on, you're the grammar expert. Answer all my questions with detailed, expert-level advice and make them clear. You’ll stay this way until I say otherwise."

This type of setup is more potent than it looks. I didn't go full throttle with it because I didn't want to overwhelm my friend who isn’t that into tech. But it worked like a charm for the basics.

2 - Use GPT as Your Personal Search Engine When Google Lets You Down

Have you ever had a word or phrase on the tip of your tongue but couldn't quite remember it? You don't need to rack your brain anymore. GPT can come to the rescue. Just describe what you remember and often, it’ll figure out what you're trying to find.

Here’s an example prompt that makes GPT into a super searcher:

Screenshot 2023-12-06 203351.png

"What’s that thing that's like 'heebly beeblies' people say when something's spooky? It’s not quite that, but similar. I need the right word."

With a few more details in your description, GPT will narrow down the possibilities.

3 - Double-Up GPT: The Fact-Checker

Just because GPT can sound convincing, doesn’t mean it always gets things right. Sometimes it might accidentally make up facts. The trick is to ask it straightforwardly if it's certain about what it just said. Often, it'll admit if it's unsure.

But the cool part is you can also use GPT to check its own facts. Open two tabs, use one to generate responses, and the other to verify those facts.

Here are three things you can do to make ChatGPT even more reliable:

  • Run the same prompt in different tabs and compare responses.
  • Ask Merlin to list its sources or at least name reports it refers to which you can then check.
  • Make Merlin promise to only share what it's sure about. Tell it to admit when it's not sure.

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Ready-to-use prompts are a life-saver. You don’t need to become a prompt crafting wizard overnight - just take advantage of my pre-made templates for a variety of tasks:

  • Need to talk to an expert? There’s a prompt for that.
  • Struggling to find something with Google? There's a prompt for that too.
  • Uncertain about information? Fear not, there's a prompt to help check facts.

With a bit of creativity and ten minutes a day, anyone can leverage GPT to work smarter and maybe even make life a little easier.

Just remember, it’s not AI itself that will replace your job, but someone who knows how to use AI creatively. So, why shouldn’t that someone be you?


Can ChatGPT be used for creative writing collaboration?

Absolutely! ChatGPT is a great creative writing partner. Just give it prompts or themes, and it can help co-author stories or generate creative ideas.

2. How can ChatGPT assist with language learning?

ChatGPT is versatile for language learners. Practice conversations, improve grammar, and generate sample sentences. You can also seek explanations for language nuances or cultural expressions.

3. Is it possible to use ChatGPT for coding challenges?

Yes! ChatGPT can assist with coding tasks. Ask for help with code snippets, debugging, or problem-solving. It's a unique way to get alternative perspectives on programming challenges, but always review and understand the generated code.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

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