How To Create Art with AI?

Art was not meant for everybody, now the scenario has changed. Everybody can be an artist now with Leonardo AI. Read how!

Hey there, passionate artists & content creators. In today’s cut throat competition for engagement on social media, Idea is the key, right? And trust me, that is the most challenging part too, this job exhausts your hippocampus to the limit where all you can think about is taking a “3-hour short power nap”. Well, this blog may solve that problem for you & creative ideas may no longer be far from you. How? You ask. Read through to find an interesting AI companion.

What is Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is renowned for its prowess to yield beautiful & fecund AI artwork. Its superpowers can be applied to any project, regardless of its nature or objective. The possibilities are limitless with Leonardo AI, and the upshots are nothing short of spectacular. You give the text commands, Leonardo AI comes up with creative, unique designs that can be downloaded and put to use.

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How Does Leonardo AI Help You?

When AI comes into picture, the assistance gets multiplied. Here are some points how Leonardo AI shall prove to be helpful for humans.

• Scalability: Its abilities are not restricted to any specific activity, as we said, its scope is endless. You can practically use it for any purpose.

• User-friendliness: Its user-friendly interface and accessible features make it a joy to work with, ensuring that you can effortlessly create striking graphics that will leave a long-lasting imprint on your audience.

• Timesaving: It is a fast-paced world with millions of tight deadlines, this software can produce high grade art & graphics within no time, it reduces manual work and delivers flawless & attractive results.

• Enhanced Engagement: If you are using this tool for social media content creation, it drives in more clicks & views, thanks to its top-tier imagination and execution. If you are using it for business purposes, let’s say you run a t-shirt printing business, you can use this software and attract more and more customers.

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What Makes Leonardo AI Different?

There are other AI tools as well that help in art and graphics generation like Nightcafe AI, Merlin AI, Hotpot AI, Dall-E3 and many more. The below points make Leonardo AI different from other AIs.

• It outdoes the traditional artificial intelligence ideals as it offers a full-bodied and dynamic stage for creative endeavors.

• It has developed front-line AI technology with supreme creator control, thus enhancing human inventiveness instead of replacing it.

• In every single step of the content generation procedure, Leonardo AI provides granulated control over your project, certifying that your artistic visualization is a flawless end product.

• Leonardo AI outshines in model refinement, prompt adherence, training speed, inference pace, and multi-image prompting abilities.

• It brings an end to common impediments such as image degradation and has introduced custom upscaling.

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Technology and AI are there at your service, to be your assistant and reduce the work load for humans. It is upto you to ensure you use AI with efficiency and become a pro at your work. Leonardo AI can also be used through Merlin AI through its image generation feature. Make use of Leonardo AI to incorporate amazing art and graphics in your work to make it more engaging and effective.

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1. Can I use Leonardo AI for free?

Leonardo AI provides a free tier with a daily token quota for creative projects on their platform, with no expiry date, allowing users to use tokens as long as they wish.

2. What are the benefits of a paid subscription?

The paid subscriptions offer increased token allowance, faster image generation, and premium features. Shift to the paid version by ‘Upgrade’ feature.

3. How quickly can I generate assets using Leonardo AI?

Leonardo AI is designed for high-speed asset generation. Output time may vary based upon various factors like number of images, generation method, image generation parameters and so on. Nonetheless, it takes just a few minutes to achieve the desired output.

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