How To Create Video Games with Opus AI?

Bored of the same video game that you have been playing? Create your own video game just by making use of this advanced generative AI tool ??? Opus AI.

We have entered a world where 3D videos and images can be created even without doing a formal graduation in computer science. Artificial Intelligence is making its way in almost every area of every industry. Here is another Generative AI tool that helps in bringing your ideas to life.

Opus AI

The technology of Opus AI is created in a way that it turns the text to movies, games, novels, worlds, marvels and so on. Dreamers, gamers, artists, storytellers, musicians, advertisers, investors, technical creators ??? this platform can be used by all creative people to bring their dreams to reality. If you can imagine it, you can create it ??? it is that simple.

Opus Pro (Opus Clip)

The pro version of Opus called Opus Clip lets you generate small videos that can be used on social media to leave long impact on the users. It is a generative AI video editing tool that repurposes your long videos into viral short videos.

Opus 1 .jpg

It analyses your video to identify the most compelling hooks, extracts relevant juicy highlights from different parts of your video, and seamlessly rearranges them into cohesive viral short videos to be used on social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Technical features

  • Lighting
  • Camera control
  • Terrain
  • Trees, grass, flora
  • Houses and buildings
  • Roads
  • Humanoid characters
  • Animations

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How Does Opus AI Work?

Opus AI utilizes advanced technologies, including natural language processing and machine learning to understand human language. A multi-step process with the following technologies is followed to bring out desired results for the users with utmost satisfaction.

Data collection ??? the platform is trained on vast amounts of data to learn patterns, language structures and domain specific knowledge. Natural language processing ??? to understand user input, intent recognition, entity extraction and sentiment analysis. Machine learning ??? to process and analyze the user???s query and relevant data and generate appropriate responses. Continuous learning ??? can be continuously trained with new data to improve its accuracy and expand the knowledge base over time.

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A Small Twist

There is another OPUS AI available on the internet. This one brings the power of artificial intelligence to the Human Resource (HR) realm. Initially focusing on candidate screening, Opus AI uses proprietary AI technology to significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the candidate screening process, while simultaneously removing bias from the process via its blind candidate screening features. This particular feature solves two major concerns for the companies.

  1. Reduces bias in hiring
  2. Brings hiring manager-level expertise to candidate screening


With the benefits of customization and flexibility, Opus AI saves a lot of time and cost in generating visual content. The other version of Opus AI brings in benefits for the companies in terms of cost effectiveness and hiring the best manpower. In either case, you, as a user need to know how to give inputs that will generate the desired output. Do not restrict yourself from doing anything when you have the support of technology at every step. Give your creative thoughts a flight of freedom with Opus AI.


1. What does Opus AI do?

Opus is a 3D creator powerful tool for filmmakers, game creators and content creators that turns words into images that animate and bring ideas to life.

2. Is Opus AI free?

Yes. You get a free trial. Once that ends you can use the Free Forever Plan that offers you 60 minutes free uploading per month.

3. What is Opus Clip? Is it real?

Opus Clip is a generative video repurposing tool that turns long videos into smaller clips and viral videos. It is run through AI and as such is not exactly real.

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