How To Get Over Writer's Block With Shortly AI?

Slowed down due to writer???s block? Read through to know about this amazing writing tool ??? Shortly AI, that will not only improve your productivity but also create engaging content for your readers.

Are you an aspiring writer or a content creator? Are you scared that you will fall in a rut and all your writings will start following a certain pattern and become monotonous over a period of time? This definitely could have been a probable situation a couple of years back. But in today???s world, technology is at your disposal to help you get out of writers blocks if any and keep creating engaging content that adds value to the readers community.

What is Shortly AI?

Having said this, I am hoping that you must have already been researching about various writing tools that could come to your rescue. Right?

Let me add one more tool to your list that is working amazingly to create engaging content and is proving to be writers??? and content creators??? best friend. It is none other than Shortly AI. It is an Artificial Intelligence powered writing tool that has been making waves in the world of content creation. The innovative platform runs on machine learning algorithms, statistical models, and natural language processing techniques and offers numerous advantages that can be harnessed to improve the creativity and productivity of writers.

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Who all Should use Shortly AI?

The target audience expands to people of different professions having different uses of the platform. Following are the group of people who can use Shortly AI for various reasons that are also mentioned below:

  • Content writers and bloggers - To streamline their writing process, produce high-quality content, meet deadlines by accelerating the writing task.
  • Digital marketers - To generate SEO optimized content, social media posts, content for advertisements, enhance online engagement.
  • Language learners, students and academicians - To generate feedback on the writing styles, enhancing vocabulary, refining grammar skills and generating content for presentations.
  • Entrepreneurs - To create content for websites, marketing material and reports.
  • Content managers and editors - To oversee and expedite the content production process, verify the content generated by the team in a very short span of time and improving efficiency of individuals as well as the teams.

Advantages of Shortly AI

The question of why comes into picture here. The reasons are extremely simple and relatable to everybody creating one of the other kinds of content.

  • User friendly interface
  • Versatility by using it for various purposes and styles of writing
  • Time efficiency
  • Idea generation to reduce writers??? block
  • Multilingual support
  • SEO optimization
  • Customization options
  • Constant updates and improvement to enhance user productivity

Shortly AI Stands Out!

Based upon your prompts, the writing assistant shall generate content to be further edited or used by you in your final piece of writing. It also generates multilingual content and comes up with a lot of customization options. If this is how Shortly AI works, what???s the difference between other AI content generators like Merlin AI or Chat GPT or Tool Baz and others.

Well, the answer is extremely simple. It depends upon how good a rapport you are able to make with the assistant that you chose for yourself. Each one of them come with a slight change that might suit some while the others might not be a big fan of the same. It is always advisable to go through the user portal before you finalize one AI content generator for yourself.

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It should still be ensured that while Shortly AI can be a valuable tool with all its advantages and user friendly use cases, the generated content should be used responsibly and must be reviewed for accuracy and quality before it is put to further use in a final piece of writing. Plagiarism must be eliminated and it should mostly be used as your assistant and not the main writer itself. Go ahead, be a pro at writing and amaze the world with your content!


1. Is there a free version of Shortly AI?

Using the 'Try Now' feature available on the main page, you will be directed to the dashboard and you can try the app free of cost.

2. Can Shortly AI be integrated with other platforms or tools?

Yes, Shortly AI can be integrated with other platforms to make the workflow easy as per the writer.

3. What is Shortly AI used for?

Shortly AI is used to generate text on command - short text, long novels, the outputs can be controlled based upon the prompts that are given.

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