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Make Money Online with Image Generation

Unlock passive income with AI prompt engineering! Learn to create unique visuals with Merlin AI and Midjourney for profitable online ventures.

If you're diving into the world of online money-making for the first time, you've probably felt the frustration of not knowing where to start. I've been there myself, trying out countless ways to earn that extra buck before finding the right path. It can be tough and discouraging, but hang in there—your hard work will pay off!

Now, let's talk about passive income. It's not some magical solution where money just rolls in while you sleep. It's more like a trade. Think of the internet as a marketplace where you need something to offer in order to make a sustainable income.

Traditionally, tech geeks, coders, digital marketers, and content creators have ruled the online money game. But here's the kicker: a new skill is changing the game, and you don't need to be a pro to make real passive income with it.

Drum roll, please! The skill we're talking about is Artificial Intelligence (AI). And no, you don't need to be a computer whiz hiding away in a basement to understand how it works and make money with it.

But before I reveal this skill, let's make one thing clear: AI alone won't make you rich. You still need your human creativity and basic marketing skills to make it work. Now, with AI in the picture, you have two paths: Merlin AI and Midjourney. These are two major AI tools with huge income potential, and from my experience, they are the most profitable skills to learn.

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Merlin AI is a GPT Chrome Extension that provides you with tonnes of features. One of them is image generation. With good prompts, you can generate great images!

Midjourney is an AI art generator that can produce incredibly realistic images from simple prompts. It used to take artists weeks to create such work, but now AI does it in seconds.

Here's how Merlin's Image Generator works.

This is the prompt I gave in

Screenshot 2023-12-04 213117.png

And this is the output I got!

Retro-inspired image of the 1970's Bombay Port with non-digital appearance.jpg

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So, why does this skill matter? Because the key here is the quality of the prompts you give to these applications. In other words, the better your prompts, the better the images you'll get. So, in essence, the skill we're talking about here is prompt engineering. Let's talk about the ways you can cash in on this skill.

First, you can start your own creative shop on marketplaces like Amazon KDP, Etsy, Creative Fabrica, and more. Then you can use Merlin AI and Midjourney to create images for recipe books, clipart, patterns, wallpapers, and more, and sell these creations on these platforms.

Second, you can teach others how to create high-quality images with Merlin and Midjourney. You can create a YouTube channel to share tips and tutorials for free and profit from YouTube's built-in ad program. You can also create and sell courses on platforms like Udemy, sharing your expertise in prompt engineering.

To learn this skill, you can watch tutorials on YouTube. There are resources out there, and while the learning curve might be steep, remember that building this skill can lead to sustainable passive income in the long run.

So, hang in there and keep learning. You've got this!

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1. How does prompt engineering differ from traditional graphic design when using AI tools like Merlin AI and Midjourney?

Prompt engineering involves crafting specific instructions for AI, contrasting with traditional graphic design. It requires a nuanced understanding to optimize AI output, blending human creativity with AI collaboration.

2. Is there a risk of oversaturation in marketplaces like Amazon KDP and Etsy with AI-generated images, and how can one stand out?

While AI enhances efficiency, the key is differentiation. To avoid oversaturation, create unique and niche products by applying creative prompts, ensuring your AI-generated visuals stand out in the competitive online marketplace.

Users must be mindful of copyrights. Merlin AI and Midjourney assist in generating original content, but users are responsible for ensuring their prompts and resulting images comply with legal standards, respecting intellectual property rights and avoiding legal issues.

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