Should you post daily on LinkedIn?

Elevate your LinkedIn game with strategic content, thought leadership, and the Merlin Chrome Extension. Avoid burnout, boost your profile, and thrive online.

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Many would argue that regularity and consistency is an overlooked superpower.

Nonetheless, the commitment to daily posting can come with its own set of challenges. This could potentially lead to exhaustion, lack of fresh ideas, and the temptation to share content lacking in substance just to maintain the rhythm.

There is something you can do to avoid burnout! This is something almost every other marketer is doing: using AI to generate and create AI posts.

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You can use the Merlin Chrome Extension’s widely used LinkedIn feature to do so!

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You just need to get the free extension and add it to Chrome. And that’s it, you’ll be able to use it. You just have to give the AI bot a prompt to create your LinkedIn post and it will do it for you in seconds. You can choose from their pre-existing prompts, or create your own and save them!

What does burnout lead to?

You risk isolating your audience. This can affect your profile growth and it might dip. The credibility you worked hard to establish can be compromised.

It's disheartening to see numerous writers lose to this. They believe they're moving towards their aspirations, only to need a “break” after a few weeks due to burnout. Upon their return, their hard-earned momentum goes away.

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How to Avoid Burnout

1. Understand your destination

Do you know why you aspire to develop a personal brand on LinkedIn?

Your reasons could range from wanting to earn a passive online income, making a positive impact, controlling your time, or simply gaining fame.

It's important that you jot down a clear course for reaching your desired destination. In the digital creator realm, there are three main avenues for achieving prosperity on LinkedIn:

Creating and selling products, workshops, or courses, marketing your unique skills for potential freelancing opportunities, and building thought leadership to attract lucrative sponsorship deals.

Once your path is clear, design a content plan that propels you toward your goal within a realistic timeframe.

2. Map out your journey

If, for instance, I wanted to market my services on LinkedIn, my content plan might look something like this:

Monday: Share a testimonial from a satisfied client.

Wednesday: Post a video demonstrating my skills and why I'm a specialist in my field.

Friday: Share a transformation story of a client or myself after utilizing my skills.

With just three posts each week, I was able to generate leads worth $2000 within a month.

This plan isn't a random mix of three posts. They're carefully designed to highlight my expertise and present me as an attractive prospect for my ideal clients. If my goal on LinkedIn were to sell products or courses, my plan would look different.

Your content plan should harmonize with your goals and the image you want to project. Arbitrary posts will not yield the desired fruit. It's a matter of quality over quantity.

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3. Recognize your value

When deciding what to charge for, choose high-value skills.

Writing LinkedIn posts might earn you around $200 monthly, but serving as a brand's content strategist can net you over $2000 each month.

Assess your value accurately and understand the art of packaging your skills to create high-paying offers.

The $2500 monthly package I created for a client included services like:

  1. Creating and implementing a blog content strategy
  2. Conducting SEO research
  3. Executing social media marketing
  4. Carrying out newsletter marketing
  5. Building backlinks

By carefully packaging my skills, writing just two articles a month brought me $2500. Identifying high-paying skills and bundling them into a compelling offer for the client is key.

If you act and present yourself as a thought leader, you are more likely to inspire clients to sign on for high-value offers. However, remember that you must consistently deliver the value that keeps them coming back for more.

4. Realize it's not an overnight process

The toughest part of the creator's journey is enduring the wait. A single viral post won't bring overnight richness. One outreach email won't magically turn you into a millionaire.

The trick is to avoid frustration. Be patient, keeping your focus on delivering honest, quality work. You can also:

Review your stats to better understand your audience's needs, refine your content strategy for maximum results, experiment with different content formats to extend your reach, and look for potential collaborations within your niche.

Intentional branding vs blind consistency on LinkedIn is true, consistency can power your branding journey on LinkedIn. But if your posts are random and lack a specific goal, you're missing out.

Having a content plan does not axiomatically mean posting every day. Rather, it denotes knowing your objectives and tailoring your efforts accordingly. Continual assessment of your stats and fine-tuning your content will help you extract the maximum benefit from your LinkedIn expedition.

In the current era, LinkedIn reigns as one of the most potent social platforms for establishing a strong presence. Missed opportunities to potentially earn a fortune are likely if you are simply posting memes or sharing jokes there.

With the right mindset, approach, and skills, the opportunity to excel on LinkedIn is within your reach.

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On LinkedIn, intentional branding beats blind consistency. A well-defined content plan, continuous assessment, and strategic efforts are your keys to unlocking the platform's full potential. With the right mindset and skills, LinkedIn success is not just a possibility but a possible reality.


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