Open AI has a Store NOW!

Discover the groundbreaking GPT Store – a marketplace for ChatGPT apps where innovation meets opportunity. Create, explore, and maybe even earn along the way!

Okay, let's break down an exciting piece of news from the tech world. Sam Altman, the head honcho at OpenAI, recently announced that a new store for GPT apps is launching super quickly, like, in a blink-of-an-eye! It popped up just a couple of days after he talked about it, surprising everyone.

Now, why should you perk up your ears about this GPT Store? Well, it's a cool digital marketplace where you can discover a whole bunch of specialized ChatGPT apps, or even showcase your own brainchild if you've got one.

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There are already so many cool GPT Chrome Extensions like Merlin AI which are life saviors when it comes to mundane day-today corporate tasks. From reading a huge PDF for your new case to generating images for your marketing campaigns, there is nothing it can’t do.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 224708.png

Image apps like these available at your disposal?!

If you fancy creating a GPT app, all you've got to do is set up your account, whip up your app, and send it over for a thumbs up. Once they give it the green light, voila, it's out there for the world to enjoy.

Heading over to ChatGPT and hitting the “Explore” button zooms you straight to a treasure trove of top GPT apps. Fancy a picture of an astronaut horseback riding on the moon? There's an app for that! Want to transform an idea into a playful coloring book page? There's an app for that too!

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Here's a cherry on top: you could actually fill your piggy bank by creating one of these nifty GPT apps. It's a bit hazy whether you'll be tagging a price on your app or just sharing the dough with OpenAI, but it definitely sounds promising.

As of now, user-created GPTs aren't strutting their stuff on the ChatGPT Explore page just yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

We're not just talking about a new kid on the block; this GPT Store might just shake things up with big shots like Apple and even buddy up closer with Microsoft. Imagine having your very own custom GPT for things like Office or Windows. That'd be ridiculously neat, right?

To wrap it up, the fresh-out-the-oven GPT Store is a game-changer. It's offering a sweet spot where anyone, coder or not, can create wicked apps and maybe even earn some cash. Here's to hoping OpenAI plays nice and lets the creators reap the rewards fairly.

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1. How can I submit my own GPT app to the GPT Store?

To submit your GPT app, create an account, develop your app, and submit it for approval. Once given the green light, your creation will be available for users to explore and enjoy.

Currently, user-created GPTs are not showcased on the ChatGPT Explore page. However, stay tuned for updates as this may change in the future. Keep an eye out for new and exciting developments in the GPT Store.

3. Can I monetize my GPT app, and how does it work?

Yes, you can potentially earn income from your GPT app. While the specifics on pricing and revenue-sharing with OpenAI are a bit unclear, the opportunity for creators to monetize their apps is promising. Stay informed for updates on how to tag a price on your app or share in the financial success of your creations.

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