How I Learned SQL in 20 Days

Unlock the power of SQL with a 20-day challenge! Learn efficiently with Merlin's ChatGPT Extension tools and master data management skills for your career.

SQL, or "Structured Query Language," is a standard language for managing data held within a relational database management system. I knew picking up this skill would unlock many possibilities in my career as a data scientist. So, I set myself a challenge: I would learn SQL in just 20 days.

Understanding SQL

SQL is crucial for creating, managing, and retrieving data from databases. It's used globally in tech companies, making it an essential tool for numerous job roles.

Importance of SQL in Today's World

In the data-driven world we live in today, SQL stands as a crucial tool in many professions, including data scientists, analysts, developers, etc. It serves as a common string connecting various tech industries, making it a highly demanded skill.

The good thing here is, that you can easily learn SQL with the help of Merlin ChatGPT Extension now!

With the YouTube Summarizer offered by Merlin, you can create instant summaries of all the YouTube videos you come across. These summaries can serve as handy notes or act as learning resources, allowing you to bypass the process of watching the entire YouTube videos.

In addition, Merlin's Blog Summarizer can come in handy. It provides comprehensive yet straightforward synopses of the websites and blogs related to your topics of interest. This tool simplifies the task of note-making by giving you a broader overview to revisit later.

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My 20-day Learning Roadmap

To journey through this learning curve, I designed a comprehensive learning plan, outlining what I would learn each day.

Days 1-5: Getting Acquainted with SQL Basics

These initial days involved diving into the fundamentals. The "SELECT" statement, "FROM" clause, "WHERE" clause, "DELETE" and "INSERT INTO", became my new terminologies as I learned to draw data from databases.

Days 6-10: Leveling up with Advanced Concepts

I then moved to more advanced concepts like nested queries and wildcard operators. I mastered the use of the "WITH" and "FETCH" clauses, "UPDATE" and "ALTER" Tables, and more to conveniently filter data.

Days 11-15: Gaining Confidence with Practice

In this phase, I started executing complex aggregate functions, using the "DISTINCT" clause, "COUNT", "SUM", "AVG", "MIN", "MAX" Functions, "ORDER BY" and "GROUP BY" statements, and much more.

Days 16-20: Handling Real-World Problems

The final stretch had me learning to use Joins, a critical SQL concept. I practiced using the concepts of "UNION", "INTERSECT", "Aliases", "INNER", "LEFT", "RIGHT" and "FULL" Joins and other advanced relational operations.

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Challenges and Overcome Methods

The journey was not a smooth one, but with consistent practice and determination, I managed to surmount all obstacles. Knowing SQL has made it easier for me to retrieve, manipulate, and analyze data, helping me make data-driven decisions.


While speed isn’t typically associated with mastering a programming language, the achievement only proves that with the right resources and dedication, it's possible. My one advice to anyone trying to learn SQL would be: don't rush! Practice consistently, and you'll find yourself proficient in no time. Overall, the experience was enriching, and the knowledge I gained throughout this 20-day journey will undoubtedly serve me well in my career.


1. How can the Merlin ChatGPT Extension assist in learning SQL?

Merlin's ChatGPT Extension facilitates SQL learning by offering tools like the YouTube Summarizer and Blog Summarizer. These tools provide instant summaries of videos and texts, aiding efficient learning and comprehension of SQL concepts.

2. What challenges did you encounter during the 20-day SQL learning journey?

The learning journey had its challenges, but consistent practice and determination were key to overcoming obstacles. The FAQ delves into specific challenges faced during the learning process and the methods employed to surmount them.

3. Why is a consistent practice emphasized in learning SQL?

The conclusion highlights the importance of consistent practice in mastering SQL. This FAQ explores the reasoning behind the emphasis on practice, offering insights into how a dedicated and ongoing practice routine contributes to proficiency in SQL.

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