Step-by-step Guide to Create Engaging Presentations!

Want to stand out with your presentations at your workplace? Here's Gamma App that helps you create engaging slides, decks and websites and increases your productivity.

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People say AI will eat human jobs gradually. I have an altogether different stand on this. If we use AI well and ensure to keep our skills intact, AI would be the best companion to have for increasing productivity ??? at work as well as for personal tasks. Imagine yourself creating a deck for a presentation and having no time to work on the design and formatting of the slides. Wouldn???t it be great if AI comes into picture, becomes your assistant and does the aesthetic part of your job?

Why am I talking about AI being your assistant? Because, it is happening. Gamma AI is one of those interactive AI platforms that is proving to be an amazing assistant to humans. This helps in reducing the manual repetitive work and leaves you with more time to come up with more creative ideas and thoughts to be taken forward by AI. Fascinating, isn???t it?

What is Gamma App?

Gamma App is simply a great tool to package up your information for your presentation. It can make presentations for you, create your decks, beautify your writing and help you be more engaging with the final output. You can start writing any content and let the artificial intelligence do its work of formatting and designing. It speeds up your work with templates, live presentations to send your messages effectively. It helps you bring your ideas to life by letting you embed anything (GIF, video, chart, website etc.) to your content.

Gamma - More visual than a doc. More collaborative than a slide deck. More interactive than a video.

Why Choose Gamma App?

Here are a few reasons that will compel you to go for Gamma App and become more effective and productive at your work place.

Timesaving: It is super easy to convert the documents into presentations and takes 10x less time than the traditional method.

Quality Assurance: It enables to assess the quality by its performance and security.

Cost Efficient: This app is value for money with a strong focus on features and a user-friendly interface.

Endless Possibilities: The process of creating presentations, drag and drop capabilities, translation feature for multiple languages, enables automatic layout adjustments, saving users from manual resizing ??? options of creating engaging content are in plenty.

I'm not a slide deck artist - Gamma makes it super easy for me to convert my documents into engaging presentations for company all hands, and takes me 10x less time than fiddling about with pixels on slides. Such a time saver. Amelia, Co-founder & CEO at Honeycomb

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How To Work With Gamma App

Now that you've got the gist of what Gamma App is, let's explore how you can put it to work for you.

  • Gamma app is available on iOS as well as Android. Download the app and create an account for yourself.
  • You will see a user-friendly platform with various features and sections. Explore them a bit and you will get to know most of its capabilities.
  • Various features like task management, calendar, notes-taking, goal tracking, project collaboration, file management and so on will present themselves. You may use them as per your need.
  • Customize the app according to your preference. You can adjust the theme, notifications, layout as per your feasibility.
  • Keep giving accurate commands to be able to generate desired outputs.

Working with Gamma App might take some time because the outputs have to be customized as per your need. This means your inputs should be accurate. Keep working and you shall be amazed with the outputs the app can give to you in so much little time.

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A Step by Step Guide:

Step 1 Sign up for a free account. Ones you've logged in you'll see few options
Step 2 Select the suitable theme if you are not satisfied you can click on Try Again Option. Step 3 Choose a theme to your presentation or Gamma can pick one for you in random. Step 4 You can insert elements from Text formatting menu to make your presentation more cohesive

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Although there are a lot of AI tools that help you generate content from your inputs like Merlin, Chat GPT; there are others that help in creating art from mere words. Then there is Gamma - the fastest App that creates polished slides for any presentation. This tool enables you to use mediums like GIF's, charts, slides, templates, videos and websites to create a engaging content and to attract your customers. Make Gamma your assistant and be a pro at making amazing presentations or decks or websites and mark your presence in the corporate world.


1. Is Gamma App free to use?

Gamma App is free as well as you earn credits. Common features are available free and most of the things can be done by using the free plan. Only way to get credits is to refer gamma app to your friend and earn 200 points.

2. Is Gamma AI user friendly?

Completely Friendly! Easy one touch access, flexible templates, designed for speed, efficiency and adaptability. It creates materials that target professional users.

3. What is Gamma App used for?

Gamma App gives users the flexibility to work outside the traditional presentations. It allows them to collate information in a new way.

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