How to Summarize YouTube Videos Using ChatGPT

Discover how Merlin AI ChatGPT extension helps you condense those lengthy videos into concise summaries! Create articles, blogs, and more with Youtube Videos.

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Diving right into the heart of the matter – YouTube videos! Who doesn't love to spend hours on end falling down the video rabbit hole? But, let's be honest, time is of the essence. We're all juggling many responsibilities, and sometimes there just isn't enough time to watch those lengthy, engaging videos on YouTube that we love. And that's where the brilliant idea of summarizing YouTube videos comes marching in to save your day, and most importantly, your time!


Benefits of Summarizing a YouTube video

  1. Efficient Learning & Review: Students can summarize educational videos, allowing them to save precious time. Also, they can conveniently revisit the summarized content for future review.
  2. Time-saving: Summaries are a valuable tool that allow viewers to quickly grasp the main points of a piece of content, saving them precious time.
  3. Accessibility: Video summaries make the content more accessible, especially for individuals who have difficulty following long video formats.
  4. Content Analysis: Content creators and researchers can make the most of summaries to understand and analyze the key themes and topics of a video easily.
  5. Enhanced Engagement: For those watching videos for leisure, summaries can help decide whether they'd be interested in viewing the entire video or not.

YouTube Summarizer from Merlin

The Merlin AI extension is designed to enhance the capabilities of ChatGPT in order to provide users with a summarized version of YouTube videos. By efficiently transcribing and breaking down the video content into easily understandable pieces of information, the YouTube Summarizer feature saves valuable time. This tool proves helpful for a wide range of individuals, including learners seeking concise insights, content creators aiming to extract key points, and anyone seeking a quick overview of a video's contents.

To summarize YouTube videos using ChatGPT with the Merlin AI Chrome extension, please follow these steps:

1. Install the Extension:

Your first step will be to add the 'Merlin AI Chrome extension' to your Chrome browser. You can find this in the Chrome Web Store or Edge Add-Ons.

2. Watch the YouTube Video:

Begin by watching the YouTube video you'd like to summarize.

3. Summarize:

Within the Merlin AI interface, you'll see an option to 'Create YouTube summary,' 'Summarize,' or 'Summarize this video.' Click on this option to initiate the summary with the YouTube summarizer.


4. Review the Summary:

The AI will create a summary based on the content of the YouTube video. You can review this summary within the extension interface.

You also have the option to expand the summary as well as Chat with the summary. Merlin will also give you key points with timestamps.


Merlin also gives you the option to 'Comment' key pointers. Your comment will go live on YouTube instantly. You can also:

  • Generate Tweet from the video
  • Generate Tweet thread from the video
  • Generate post from the video
  • Generate blog from the video.

Benefits of Repurposing Youtube Video

  1. Breaking down longer videos allows the creation of more digestible bits of content that can potentially attract a larger audience.
  2. Repurposed videos can help combat information overload or "content shock" by offering fresh takes on existing content.
  3. Finding creative ways to repurpose your videos can significantly promote and enliven your brand. Your videos can be made relevant in different contexts and to different audiences, therefore, expanding your reach and presence.
  4. Each social media platform has different video requirements and audience behaviors. By repurposing one video into different content bits, you can cater to these preferences more effectively.
  5. If you transcribe your videos, you can boost your SEO significantly. The text allows your video content to be indexed, potentially increasing its reach.

Saving and sharing the summary

Once you are satisfied with the generated YouTube summary with ChatGPT powered Merlin, you have the option to save it according to your preference. It can be beneficial to keep it for personal use, enabling you to review significant details or use it as a reference when discussing the video with others. Also, you can make the most out of your summary by sharing it on social media platforms or forum threads, aiding others in easily understanding the main highlights of the video.


ChatGPT by itself doesn't provide the feature to summarize lengthy YouTube videos. Merlin does. All you have to do is install the Merlin Chrome extension. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and tedious note-taking! With YouTube Summarizer from Merlin, you can obtain accurate summaries that capture the essence of any video. This tool is especially beneficial for students, professionals, and anyone seeking to absorb information quickly and efficiently.

Install from Chrome Web Store or Edge Add-Ons.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

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