What is Character AI Discord Bot?

Know the Character AI Discord Bot and make your conversations with virtual characters flawless and more creative and effective.

Are you tired of the same old conversations on your Discord server? Do you wish you could bring fictional characters to life in your chats? Well, your wishes have been granted with the CharacterAI Discord Bot! This unofficial integration with the CharacterAI service allows you to add any character to your server, giving your conversations a magical twist.

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A New Era: Transition to Character Engine Discord Bot

Important Announcement: The CharacterAI Discord Bot project has been absorbed by the new and improved Character Engine Discord bot. While the original bot is no longer actively supported, fear not! The Character Engine Discord bot can do everything and more. It's time to make the switch and elevate your Discord experience.

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Features That Sparkle

The Character AI Discord Bot brings a touch of magic to your server with a range of enchanting features:
Talk with Any Character: Engage in conversations with any character of your choice, and switch them on the fly to keep things exciting.
Embedded Character Finder: Easily discover and choose characters with the embedded character finder.
Automatic Name and Profile Picture: The bot takes care of setting the name and profile picture of your selected character, creating a seamless experience.
Support for Multiple Chats: Have multiple parallel chats with the same character, allowing for diverse interactions.
Random Replies and Audience Mode: Experience the thrill of random replies and engage in audience mode for a unique and entertaining chat experience.

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How to Set Up the Magic

Setting up the CharacterAI Discord Bot is a breeze. Follow these steps to unlock the magic:
Download the Bot: Visit the Last Release page and download the version compatible with your operating system.
Create a Discord Application: Create a new Discord application and ensure you enable SERVER MEMBERS INTENT and MESSAGE CONTENT INTENT. Check the required bot permissions, including Manage Roles and Manage Channels.
Get Your Bot Token: Retrieve your bot token and place it in the Config.json file.
Create a Character AI Account: If you don't have one already, create a Character AI account.
Find Your Auth Token: Sign in to Character AI, open DevTools (<Ctrl+Shift+J> in Chrome), and locate your auth token as described in the guide.
Launch the Bot: Follow the specific instructions for your operating system (Windows, Linux, or WSL) to launch the bot.
Set the Character: Use the embedded search or a browser to set the character you want to bring to life on your server.
Enjoy the Conversation: Start chatting and enjoy the magical conversations with your chosen character!

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Even though the setup guide is user-friendly, basic PC-user skills are required. The guide will not cover creating the Discord Bot itself or solving operating system issues.

Embark on a magical journey of conversations with the Character AI Discord Bot. Don't miss out on the enchantment—make the switch to the Character Engine Discord Bot today!


1. Does Character AI Discord Bot allow sexting?

No! The Character AI Discord Bot doesn't allow sexting. It has some privacy features that need to be followed.

2. Can Character AI creators see your chats?

Character AI ensures privacy by not allowing creators to access your chats. While conversations are recorded for enhancement, exercise caution in speech for privacy.

3. What are the risks of Character AI?

There is always some risk that user data could be misused. AI image generators have the potential to create harmful or offensive content. So, you need to be cautious as a user.

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