What is SciSpace? The Chrome Extension and its features

SciSpace: Revolutionize your research with and effortlessly understand complex papers. Highlight key insights, and get instant summaries with Copilot.

Research papers are a great way of learning and exploring different topics. SciSpace is a unique platform that aims to revolutionize the way scientific research is conducted. It helps you understand the research paper a lot better

What does Scispace do?

Researchers all over the world spend countless hours on formatting their research papers, which is a tedious and time-consuming process. However, it is extremely important to ensure that your audience is able to navigate through your paper.

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Scispace allows users to easily understand a research paper with the help of its different features. With it, you can do hours worth of reading in minutes. You can upload your research papers as PDFs or you can browse through their collection to find a research paper.

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Features of Scispace

What makes Scispace unique is its features. Let???s look at everything you can do with the help of Scispace.

1. Highlight

You can highlight different information in the paper for reference later. Once you come across something difficult, you can also get summaries and explanations of the selected text.

2. Ask Questions

You can ask questions to the system too. It could be about something you didn???t understand in the paper or a concept that???s mentioned but not covered, and it will help you clear your doubts.

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3. Preset Questions

You can use these preset questions to get faster summaries and answers

4. Save Notes

You can make notes throughout the ppt for future reference to understand it better.

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Scispace Copilot

You can add Scispace???s free Chrome extension Copilot to your browser to use it on every website and get instant summaries.

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SciSpace emerges as a transformative ally. By simplifying the daunting task of deciphering research papers, empowers scholars to delve deeper, saving valuable time and enhancing understanding. With its innovative features and the convenience of Copilot, SciSpace ushers in a new era of efficient research exploration.

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1. Is SciSpace compatible with all types of research papers?

SciSpace is designed to work with a wide range of research papers, primarily in PDF format. You can easily upload your own papers or explore its collection.

2. How does SciSpace's Copilot extension ensure privacy and security?

SciSpace Copilot operates securely by processing data locally on your browser. It doesn't transmit personal or browsing information, ensuring your privacy is protected.

3. Can SciSpace assist with research papers from various academic disciplines?

SciSpace is versatile and can be used for research papers across diverse academic disciplines. Whether you're studying science, humanities, or any other field, SciSpace's features can enhance your understanding of research materials.

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