What's New With Vertex AI?

Explore how Google Cloud???s AI platform Vertex AI can help streamlining your ML workflow and boost productivity. Leverage its power for enhanced efficiency and innovation.

Experiments and exploring AI platforms is not news anymore. Not only individuals, but companies are also incorporating various AI platforms to improve upon their work productivity. It helps both beginners and experienced ML practitioners by automating the repetitive tasks and providing them with a scalable infrastructure. Let me take you through how Vertex AI helps the companies in being more productive.

Vertex AI

Vertex AI is one of those AI platforms that comes in handy for organizations directly. It is a comprehensive and efficient platform for developing, training, deploying and managing Machine Learning models. It is provided by Google Cloud and this name tag itself brings with itself a bout of trust in the platform. Vertex AI brings together various services and tools to provide seamless ML workflow.

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What's New With Vertex AI?

In a recent annual conference by Google, they announced updates to Vertex AI. In addition to providing workflows for building, training and deploying machine learning models, Vertex AI now also features updated AI models for text, image and code generation. A new third-party model from start-ups including Anthropic and Meta and extensions has also been updated that lets developers incorporate company data and take action on a user???s behalf.

June Yang, VP of cloud AI and industry solutions at Google, said in a press briefing. "We???re taking a very open ecosystem approach, working with broad ecosystem partners to provide choice and flexibility to our customers. We???ve built an approach to generative AI with enterprise readiness at its core, with a strong focus around data governance, responsible AI security and more.???

Why Vertex AI?

Without wasting any time, let's have a look at the reviews and ratings for Vertex AI.

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Here are the reasons why Vertex AI should be used in place of any other AI platform.

  • Integration with Google Cloud Services such as BigQuery, Google - Cloud Storage and Google Cloud Pub
  • Built in tools for monitoring and debugging
  • Various deployment options allowing users to deploy their ML models in a variety of environments
  • Supports popular deep learning supports like TensorFlow and PyTorch
  • Seamless scalability to handle large datasets and intense ML workloads
  • A unified platform to collaborate and manage the entire ML lifecycle

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Should You Purchase Vertex AI?

A lot of features of Vertex AI are free and can be used without making any payment, going for the paid version is always advisable if you are able to ease your workload and still remain effective. The various reasons why you should be investing in Vertex AI start with the trust that Google has created over the years on its users. The other reasons are as follows:

  • Reduced deployment cycle
  • Improves business process agility
  • Drives innovation
  • Able to improve business process outcomes
  • Internal and operational efficiencies can be created

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Vertex AI is designed with a user-friendly interface that helps in removing complexities and allow developers to focus more on building and improving ML models rather than managing infrastructure and complex workflows. The only drawback that comes with the ease of working efficiently is that people with limited knowledge about ML models can operate on heavy models and make core deployments which can lead to serious issues in the future. This is not the case with other AI text creator tools like Merlin, AWS, ChatGPT and so on. But if you master the tool and have decent working knowledge of ML, this is an amazing tool to ease your daily chores and improve upon your efficiency multiple times.


1. What is Vertex AI used for?

It is a machine learning platform that is cloud-based designed to provide an end-to-end workflow using machine learning models in personal and professional set-up.

2. Is Google Vertex AI free?

Partly yes! While Google has offered a free version, most of the features are still paid.

3. Is Vertex AI good?

With its ready to use features that work with low code and are scalable make it good for the developers to deploy ML in their regular workflow. The reviews of users show it as good and helpful.

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