Discover Wiseone: Your All-in-one tool for better reading and web searching

Elevate your online reading with Wiseone – the AI-powered browser extension that saves time, boosts productivity, and expands knowledge effortlessly.


However, ChatGPT is just one of many AI tools available, each tailored to specific purposes. These tools cater to diverse industries such as “marketing, web development, design, healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services” and needs like “writing, reading, generating images, design…etc.”
This article will explore one of these unique solutions: Wiseone.
Let's dive deep into its story, features, and benefits.

What is Wiseone?

Wiseone is a French startup created in 2021 by Berkeley Alumni. It developed an AI-powered browser extension that allows individuals and professionals to improve the productivity of their search and online reading in a unique and innovative way thanks to reliable information provided directly in the user's online journey.
The AI-tool was created with the idea that we live in a world of information overload and misinformation and that a technological solution leveraged by AI will be the answer to help web users be more efficient and productive in the way they consume information online.
Every feature in the browser extension is designed to save you time, expand your knowledge, and boost your productivity using the best LLMs available today.

Wiseone: Your all-in-one tool for better reading and web search experience Ready to discover how Wiseone offers users a new web search and online reading experience?

Wiseone's features

1. Focus

With "Focus," you can understand 100% of what you are reading, ensuring you never encounter unfamiliar words that significantly impact your overall understanding of a subject.
"Focus" helps you easily understand complex words- whether it’s an organization, a concept, or a person. The feature provides a suitable definition with access to crucial information like websites, articles, financial information, or social media links.

Focus feature explains the term "carbon dioxide"


Focus feature explains the word: “OurCrowd"


Focus feature explains the word: “Ramin Hasani"


2. Cross-check

With "Cross-Check," you can effortlessly verify the accuracy of the information you read and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the article. The feature provides access to multiple sources (news and academic) reporting on the same topic. These resources are factual, reliable, and diverse.

Cross-Check feature showing diverse sources reporting on the same topic.


3. Ask Anything

“Ask Anything” is cleverly divided into two specific features that have analog mechanisms: The "Ask Anything" on a webpage simplifies the process of understanding complex information within an article or a PDF anywhere on the web.
You can ask any question on any content you are reading online, and Wiseone provides relevant and sourced answers based on the context of the content or based on top web search results.
The feature also offers a time-saving solution if you don't want to go through the entire article and ask for the necessary information.

Ask Anything feature answers the question: "How can Generative AI impact managers"?


"Ask Anything" on top search engines streamline the user experience by delivering unique and sourced answers directly on your favorite search engines like Google or Bing, saving valuable time and effort without requiring users to navigate away from the search result page. Ask Anything search generates an answer about the stock market in 2024


4. Summarize

"Summarize," which allows you to understand the main points of an article efficiently without the need to read the entire piece by generating thorough summaries with key takeaways. Summarize feature summarizing an article with key takeaways.


5. Explore

Concluding the array of Wiseone's features with "Explore" . The feature offers quick access to discover related topics, giving users a deeper understanding of any subject. Wiseone generates a list of recommended resources from several backgrounds, allowing you to navigate additional information effortlessly. The feature saves time and effort searching for related topics while expanding your knowledge.
Notably, the Explore feature provides news articles, academic papers, and videos catering to various preferences. For instance, managers can opt for news articles, researchers can explore academic sources, and students can engage with video content, making "Explore" an excellent feature that accommodates everyone's preferences.

The "Explore" feature provides article suggestions about battery technology.


Wiseone Benefits

With unique features and a user-friendly interface, Wiseone is a convenient alternative, offering an engaging experience that feels like having a companion assisting in every aspect of web searching and online reading.

  • Time-saving: Wiseone eliminates the constant need to search and read through various web pages, PDFs, and lengthy articles, saving you the time that would be spent reading the entire content.
  • Productivity: Wiseone boosts your productivity by completing more with less time and effort. The AI tool achieves this by providing an efficient overview while offering the most essential information about any web content, helping you maintain focus on different tasks and projects.
  • Knowledge expansion: Wiseone expands your knowledge by granting access to additional and in-depth information right at your fingertips, which benefits professionals, students, and researchers seeking comprehensive insights.
  • Information accuracy: The browser extension ensures accuracy by providing answers based on OSINT techniques (webpage and web resources content, reliable web search results) ensuring you receive accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Comprehensive Understanding: You can ask specific questions and receive detailed answers, allowing complex information to be easily grasped and contributing to a thorough understanding of any topic.

Who is Wiseone for?

Wiseone is an invaluable tool with universal appeal, catering to a diverse user base who want to enhance their understanding while optimizing time.
Professionals across various domains can leverage Wiseone to gather insights, access a wealth of information, and save time that can be redirected toward their work responsibilities. This is particularly valuable for executives, managers, and tech professionals who need to quickly gather relevant information to make decisions without investing significant time in extensive web searching and reading.
Wiseone extends its benefits to students and researchers as well, offering a comprehensive tool for academic exploration: Students can get their assignments done and easily access educational resources, quickly accessing valuable insights and educational resources, while researchers can broaden their knowledge base and explore other subjects of interest.
Overall, Wiseone caters to the intellectually curious – any person who is passionate about exploring information. Whether it's someone interested in astrophysics, literature, or technological advancements, Wiseone provides a user-friendly tool for exploring diverse topics and encouraging the pursuit of knowledge.

Explore Wiseone

To enhance your web search and online reading experience, follow these simple steps to start using Wiseone:

It's as easy as that!

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