Quillbot vs Merlin AI

Discover which AI writing tool, QuillBot or Merlin AI, truly transforms your content. See who comes out on top in our detailed comparison!

Who Really Gives You More Bang for Your Buck in AI Writing Tools?

Let’s Find Out!

Hey there! Ever thought, among so many AI tools, which one could be the best in writing and making your content 10x better? Well, you're not alone! Just days ago, with a university assignment deadline, I was desperately searching for the right AI tool to ensure my work was original, hours before the deadline. I clicked through tool after tool, feeling the pressure mount. It was a huge task, and all I wanted was to make sure my work was spotless before my professors checked it. Having been in your shoes, today I'm putting two popular players head-to-head: QuillBot and Merlin AI. Curious about which is better? I'll share why I chose these tools and how they helped me tackle anything and everything related to written content. I bet you don't know even 1% of the magic these tools can perform! Let’s dive into what makes each tick and see which one might be your new digital sidekick.

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Meet the Contenders

QuillBot? What’s That All About?

We know QuillBot has started off as a paraphrasing tool and now includes nifty feature like grammar checker, ai detector, plagiarism detection, summarizer, citation generator, translator and the very new feature that integrates paraphrasing, grammar checking, and web search into one workflow, or the star feature of it the ‘Quillbot flow’. It is a go-to for those quick fixes in the text, but to be honest we all know text and written content is much more than just fixing commas and rephrasing sentences.

What’s the Buzz About Merlin AI?

Merlin AI, is like the Toolkit for all writing needs— whether you’re doing work stuff, tackling a hefty research project, or just trying to make your daily emails zing. It has over 70+ writing tools https://www.getmerlin.in/ai-tools that seamlessly integrates with over 500,000 web pages and apps. It connects effortlessly with Gmail to compose AI-generated replies to emails, LinkedIn to create posts and respond to comments, and same for X (formerly Twitter) just at one-click access. With shortcuts like Cmd+M for Mac and Ctrl+M for Windows, Merlin can be used on any webpage to answer your questions. Merlin enables you to interact with various content formats, such as books, PDFs, images and YouTube videos. It can generate images from text prompts, provide text-based answers to image-related queries, and perform all of the functions that ChatGPT offers. Equipped with all the leading LLMs and models, including ChatGPT 4, GPT-4o, Gemini, Mistral, and Claude, Merlin provides a comprehensive suite of AI tools.

Curious? Check out GetMerlin.in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lTyYx8r6WE

Let’s lay it all out on the table, shall we? Here’s a breakdown of what Merlin and QuillBot offer. Who’s got the best tricks up their sleeve? You be the judge!

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Experience the full potential of 20+ Al models with Merlin


What Do They Have in Common?

Both Merlin AI and QuillBot are here to polish your prose and give your text that extra oomph. They are equipped with tools that enhance your writing process, these tools offer the ultimate package you need when it comes to writing. Both of them can be integrated as a chrome extension and can be used side by side or in another tab. When it comes to trust both these extensions are trusted by millions of users all over the globe. Here’s a breakdown of their common features:

Paraphrasing Tools: Both platforms offer advanced tools for paraphrasing that allow you to creatively rephrase your text, ensuring the original meaning is preserved while the wording and structure are changed. This feature is especially useful for avoiding plagiarism, enabling you to adjust the text without altering its fundamental message. However, user experiences with these tools vary between the two platforms.

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Users typically find that Merlin delivers a writing experience akin to other platforms but excels in terms of response speed and user experience. Moreover, once you've finished paraphrasing, Merlin conveniently provides additional options right on the same platform, such as checking for plagiarism, generating summaries, and detecting AI-generated content, which users have found extremely useful. The quality of the responses also varies with the complexity of the text. For example, while QuillBot is equipped with its own NLP models that handle simpler or commonly asked prompts effectively, it struggles with more complex text. In contrast, Merlin leverages top-tier models like GPT-4, GPT-4o, Gemini Claude, and its unique NLP model, Merlin Magic, to deliver better outcomes.

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Primarily a research and writing tool, Merlin has the added capability to search the web, which enhances the accuracy and quality of its responses, making it a preferred choice for users looking for thorough and well-informed answers.

Grammar Checkers: We're all familiar with how grammar checkers work. Both Merlin AI and Quillbot feature powerful tools designed to identify and correct grammatical mistakes, helping to ensure your writing is polished and professional. These tools also provide suggestions and allow you to adjust the tone, intent, and formality according to your audience, making sure your message is precisely crafted for its recipients.

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When you use the grammar check feature in Quillbot, it replaces the original text with the corrected version. In contrast, Merlin creates separate versions of the text, enabling you to compare each one and choose the one you prefer. While Quillbot provides feedback on the overall quality of your content, Merlin offers details about the word and character count, giving you additional insights into your text.

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Summarizers: Need to condense information quickly? Both Merlin AI and QuillBot are great for condensing long texts into clear, concise points, saving you both time and effort. Merlin goes a step further by also summarizing YouTube videos, podcasts, books, and even images. For YouTube videos, you can easily use the summarizing tool directly through an add-on icon on the YouTube app. Check it out at https://www.youtubesummaries.com for more details.

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Integration & Extensions: Merlin AI works on over 500,000 websites and integrates with Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Both Merlin and QuillBott have a handy sidebar bubble that makes them easy to use on any platform. However, Quillbot’s bubble shows where its features are integrated, while Merlin seamlessly extends its capabilities across many websites. These shared capabilities make Merlin AI and QuillBot practical choices for improving writing efficiency and quality, whether for academic, professional, or personal projects.

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How Merlin is better than Quillbot

Merlin doesn’t just play in the minor leagues with text tweaking; it’s in a whole different league: Let me tell you what's in Merlin and all the cool things it can do. You can access Merlin AI over 500,000+ websites. It integrates seamlessly with Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube, making your online experience super smooth. Merlin offers a convenient sidebar icon that only appears when you need it, ensuring it never disrupts your workflow—unlike QuillBot 😜, you get quick and concise suggestions and answers to your Google searches, saving you tons of time. Plus, with shortcuts like Cmd+M for Mac and Ctrl+M for Windows, it's super easy to use Merlin on any browser and device at one click. You can also chat with live images, summarize YouTube videos, and generate transcripts. Merlin does all the basic chatbot stuff too, powered by the best LLMs and models like Claude, Mistral, Gemini, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 and ChatGPT-4o. Want to make your online life easier? Check out all the amazing tools Merlin offers at GetMerlin.in.

Pricing: Get More for Your Money

When it comes to pricing, Merlin offers exceptional value. For around $8, you gain access to its powerful tools, and for $19, you unlock the full premium experience. Merlin invests in the best API models available, including ChatGPT-4 and Gemini, ensuring top-notch performance. Unlike other platforms like Quillbot that rely solely on proprietary models, Merlin also uses custom NLP models like Quillbot but it is specifically designed to handle written content with exceptional power.

Powerful and Versatile

Merlin is incredibly powerful when it comes to handling written content. It’s widely used for research by many institutions, highlighting its reliability and effectiveness. You can find more about these use cases on our website. With millions of users, Merlin boasts a stellar rating of 4.8, compared to QuillBot’s 4.4, reflecting its top-notch customer satisfaction.
Merlin combines the capabilities of Gemini, OpenAI, Grammarly, QuillBot, and hundreds of other writing tools all in one place. This makes it an all-in-one solution for anyone needing powerful, versatile writing assistance.

Effortless User Experience

Merlin's UX is designed to be intuitive and non-intrusive. The handy sidebar icon only appears when needed, without disrupting your workflow. Keyboard shortcuts and other UX features make it effortless to use, whether on mobile, web, or desktop. Merlin truly offers more features, better integration, and outstanding value, making it a top choice for anyone needing versatile and powerful writing tools.

Choose Merlin: When You Need More than Just Basics

If you need a tool that does more than just add commas, you should definitely check out Merlin. We all know that crafting great thesis content or any written work involves much more than just punctuation—words are where you express your deepest thoughts. As a writer, I always want a tool that can both write and research simultaneously. If you're someone whose ambitions go beyond the basics and you crave a tool that's as versatile as your needs, then Merlin is your go-to. It’s perfect for everything from crafting that flawless research paper to managing content across different platforms. Merlin really does it all.

Wrapping Up: You Decide!

Happy to see you've made it this far! Now, it’s your call. Some people are happy doing the basics, so they stick with basic tools. But then there are those of us who crave more. So, which AI writing assistant deserves a spot in your toolkit? If you need more than just a quick polish on your texts and value a tool that integrates deeply with your daily digital life, Merlin AI is calling your name. But hey, don't just take my word for it—explore and see for yourself. Who really gives you more bang for your buck in AI writing tools? Let's find out together! Merlin Al Chat: A versatile chat feature that interacts with users across various platforms, providing Al-driven responses and interactions.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

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