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30 Alternatives for the REWRITE Prompt

Unlock limitless writing potential with AI text generators! Explore 30 unique prompts you can for tailored content instead of REWRITE. Enhance your writing.

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AI text generators are becoming more and more useful, especially when it comes to revising text. Say you have marketing material to enhance or an old blog post that needs refreshing, or perhaps you're a student with an essay deadline looming. The common command for these scenarios is to "Rewrite".

But perhaps you've discovered that you aren't receiving the output you were expecting. That's where I step in with my favorite prompts collected over time.

AI Prompts: Asking the Right Way

AI can practically work magic when it comes to creating content - it's almost like having an endless repository of words to command at the touch of a button.

But when the AI doesn't deliver as expected, it can lead to disappointment. This generally comes from not knowing the best way to request what we truly want from the AI.

Mastering prompt whispering involves figuring out the right 'wishes' to ask. An exceptional prompt engineer will carefully construct a prompt, selecting their words carefully. The 'how' and inherent meaning of our questions matters just as much as the 'what'.

What are the Issues with the 'Rewrite' Prompt:

It’s disappointing when instead of a completely fresh piece, AI just reproduces the original text verbatim.

Consider this from the AI's viewpoint or even from a human assistant's perspective. If you ask them to 'rewrite', it does not necessarily imply creating entirely new content. It usually indicates a request for a second review or polishing of the content. However, the exactness of AI often leads to repeated content or plagiarism.

Generally, rewrite tends to generate a dull copy at best. Commands such as "completely rewrite" or “Use completely new words” often fail if the AI has misunderstood the meaning of “rewrite”.

Choosing the Correct Words for Prompt Engineering:

The issue then is how to ask effectively. The answer; clear, specific language and careful word selection. AI will not replace good writing skills. On the contrary, the rise of AI makes well-structured and articulate communication more important than ever.

AI can enhance writing skills: improving average writers, making good writers magnificent, and transforming excellent writers into prolific ones.

Before prompting, it’s necessary to be clear about what you need. 'Rewrite' is generic and could lead to boring and useless outputs. It's important to be expressive about your editorial requirements for the best results.

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Instead of 'Rewrite', consider using these 30 AI prompts:

  1. Paraphrase: Great for avoiding plagiarism. Screenshot 2023-11-29 202840.png

  2. Humanize: Makes the text more relatable. Good for blogs!

  3. Summarize: Provides a brief overview of a long topic.

  4. Expand: Gives a more detailed understanding.

  5. Streamline: Removes unnecessary content.

  6. Reinterpret: Offers a potential meaning. Screenshot 2023-11-29 203130.png

  7. Simplify: Decreases language complexity.

  8. Elaborate: Adds more detail to a point.

  9. Amplify: Strengthens the point.

  10. Clarify: Removes ambiguity.

  11. Adapt: Alters the text for a different purpose or audience.

  12. Modernize: Updates outdated language or concepts. Screenshot 2023-11-29 203333.png

  13. Formalize: Transforms informal language into a formal style. Apt for business or academic contexts.

  14. Informalize; Perfect for blogs, email campaigns, and social media posts where a casual tone fits better.

  15. Condense: Shortens the rewrite, focusing on key points.

  16. Emphasize/Reiterate: Highlights essential points more than others.

  17. Diversify: Adds variety. Screenshot 2023-11-29 203447.png

  18. Neutralize: Makes the text more objective by removing bias.

  19. Explain: Clarifies meaning.

  20. Enrich/Embellish: Adds more detail.

  21. Illustrate: Provides examples for better explanation.

  22. Synthesize: Combines various pieces of information.

  23. Sensationalize: This makes the rewrite more dramatic. Ideal for clickbait!

  24. Reframe: Changes the focus of the rewrite.

  25. Elevate: Calls for a more sophisticated rewrite.

  26. Illuminate: Calls for a more enlightening rewrite.

  27. Enliven/Energize: Demands a more lively or interesting text.

  28. Soft-pedal: Reduces the intensity of the text.

  29. Exaggerate: Hypes up the hyperbole, great for sales pitches. Screenshot 2023-11-29 205156.png

  30. Downplay: Seeks a more subdued tone.

I have used Merlin ChatGPT Extension for Text Generation

Using the Correct Words for Prompt Engineering:

As you can see, the options are vast. Some prompts are chosen based on the target audience, some modify the concept of the text, while others play with words.

The language used in your prompt can greatly influence the output. Therefore, it's essential to choose verbs and tones that align with your desired end product.

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Other Techniques to Improve Text Rewriting Using AI

Stating your goals is another aspect to consider. If you need the content rewritten in a specific format, specify that. If you need a list or a detailed paragraph, ask directly.

A personal favorite prompt:

"Interpret the above from an X perspective, to be published as Y", where X can represent your target audience or a specific mindset and Y the type of content you're looking to produce.

Structuring your AI prompts this way extracts the core concept while adding the right tone and resonance.

An effective approach to avoid redundancy in rewriting is what we call the "Big-Little-Big" strategy. Essentially, you break down the text into smaller parts and then build it up again, ensuring the text remains new and fresh.

Firstly, have the AI summarize the text, stripped down to the core idea without any direct quotes or snippets. Following that, use this as the foundation to generate fresh content. This method should eliminate repetition as it essentially transforms the text.

When asking AI to rewrite a text, consider assigning a specific tone of voice. This can add individuality to the language patterns.

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Effective communication is essential in the world of AI text generators. Instead of using a generic "rewrite" command, consider exploring the 30 specialized prompts for various needs. The emphasis is on clear and specific language, as AI enhances writing skills rather than replacing them. Techniques like the "Big-Little-Big" strategy and specifying goals contribute to refining AI-assisted rewriting. In this evolving landscape, making thoughtful choices in prompts can transform ideas into articulate expressions.


1. What distinguishes AI text generators from traditional writing tools?

AI text generators leverage advanced algorithms and language models to dynamically generate content, adapting to specific prompts. Unlike traditional tools, they can offer a variety of writing styles and tones.

2. How do I ensure the AI-generated content aligns with my intended message?

To align the content with your message, be specific in your prompts. Clearly state your goals, preferred writing style, and any specific requirements. This helps the AI understand and generate content that resonates with your intended audience.

3. Can AI text generators assist in creative writing projects?

Absolutely! AI text generators can provide inspiration, suggest alternative phrasing, or even help with generating creative content. Using prompts tailored to creativity, such as "Reinterpret" or "Illustrate," can yield unique and imaginative results for your writing projects.

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