AI Image Generation converting Preschooler's drawing into Digital Art

Explore the creative magic of Merlin's Image Generator. Turn imaginative ideas into vivid illustrations with generative AI. Unleash the possibilities today!

Converting a 3-year old drawings into Digital Art with AI

Picture this – you are being able to take your child’s drawings and turn their imaginative ideas into professional-quality illustrations. Thanks to generative AI, this is not only doable now but also simple and affordable.

Merlin, a GPT chatbot has recently launched its brand new features. One of them being Image generator. And the best part is that it is absolutely free!

I've been using these tools for various tasks and now I've also found a cool way to use them with kids.

The other day, a kid made a scribbled drawing, like many preschoolers do. Their imagination far surpassed their drawing abilities. He described it as “a big friendly dinosaur wearing pants and shoes off to work”.

drawing-fb merlin.jpg

I decided to see if Merlin could bring his idea to life. Based on what he told me about the image he had drawn, I wrote a prompt.


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Next, I used Merlin Image Generator and entered the prompt for Merlin to make illustrations based on it. However, I tried too hard to maintain the same medium the kid used.


When the output image was not what I had initially imagined, I gave Merlin more inputs on what I want in the image. And thanks to the fact that you can converse with Merlin made it fairly easy.

I asked to add a backpack behind the dinosaur and the results met my expectations!


When I showed it to the kid, he was thrilled! It perfectly captured what he had envisioned. The dinosaur had turned blue which made him more thrilled if anything else!

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Beyond delighting a kid, Merlin’s new ability to read and create images unlocks some amazing capabilities.

While the system isn’t fully multimodal yet and requires some intermediary steps, the results are impressive. They showcase Merlin’s ability to comprehend textual content, incorporate insights from the conversation, and produce an end result that perfectly captures the original visual idea.

I believe we'll see more uses for generative AI in upcoming times, including illustrating children’s books, creating detailed 3D mockups from concept sketches, and generating landscapes based on textual descriptions.

Merlin’s new visual capabilities are amazing, and we’re only beginning to explore the possibilities. My preschooler certainly agrees!


1. How does Merlin's Image Generator work?

Merlin's Image Generator uses generative AI to interpret textual prompts and create visual representations. Users describe their desired images through natural language input, and Merlin's algorithms generate illustrations based on these descriptions.

2. Can Merlin's Image Generator be used for professional projects?

Yes, Merlin's Image Generator is suitable for both personal and professional projects. It offers a user-friendly experience for creative activities with children and caters to designers, illustrators, and content creators. The ability to refine images through conversation makes it adaptable for various creative endeavors, from conceptualizing visual elements for presentations to designing graphics for professional use.

3. What are the future possibilities for Merlin's generative AI capabilities?

Merlin's generative AI, including the Image Generator, hints at future applications. Beyond personalized children's illustrations, it could be used for illustrating entire books, generating 3D models from sketches, and creating immersive landscapes from textual descriptions.

Experience the full potential of ChatGPT with Merlin

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