Get ChatGPT-4o For FREE with unlimited prompts! - How to use GPT 4o

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the best methods to maximize your use of OpenAI's powerful language model without spending a dime. Enhance your content creation, automate tasks, and explore the limitless potential of AI with our step-by-step instructions and valuable tips.

What is ChatGPT-4o?

Imagine an AI that can see talk and respond just like a human with real emotions, it's not just about understanding text anymore. ChatGPT-4o can analyze images videos and audio, doing things we once thought only humans could do. It is the latest iteration of OpenAI’s Generative Pre-trained Transformer models, known for its impressive ability to understand and generate natural language text. In this article, we’ll be exploring what Openai's latest chatgpt-4o  is,  and the exciting capabilities you can tap into using 4o.

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How does GPT-4o work?

  • It enables end-to-end model with vision, audio, and text input
  • It can understand context and tone in speech, unlike previous models
  • It is available for free for limited use

Use cases of GPT 4o | Capabilities of chatgpt-4o

No.Use Cases
1.Real-time language translation and understanding - It can seamlessly translate languages in real-time, providing a better experience than traditional translation tools.
2.It can also help users learn new languages by accurately understanding pronunciation and tone.
3.It can be utilized in meetings for problem-solving, idea generation, and taking meeting notes.
4.It can revolutionize education and can act as an excellent tutor. Personalized learning experience through real-world feedback and interactive teaching methods.
5.Assistance in interview preparation by providing feedback on communication, appearance, and responses.
6.It serves as a multi-functional tool for language learning, fitness coaching, and outfit selection.
7.It can automate customer support and financial advice. Customer service can be handled by this model in real-time, saving businesses money and time.
8.Users can access a wide range of features directly on this model, such as code assistance and insights
9.It can provide financial advice by analyzing live stock market data and patterns. It provides insights on market trends, candlesticks, support, resistance, and volume.
10.It has pet training capabilities too.

How to use ChatGPT-4o ?

With the announcement that this will be deployed in an increasingly crowded and dynamic AI field, OpenAI is committed to maintaining a presence at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence innovations. The groundbreaking platform is capable of everything from engaging in natural conversations to reviewing images and even analyzing and processing audio data much more swiftly and accurately. With interest in AI-powered solutions soaring across industries, developers, businesses, and researchers must learn more about how they can get GPT4o and how to make the best use of it.

While accessing the full capabilities of chatgpt-4o can be costly, there are ways to utilize it for free with unlimited prompts. Here’s how you can make the most out of it without spending a dime!

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Ways to Get GPT-4o for Free

1. OpenAI Playground OpenAI offers a playground where users can experiment with its models for free. Here’s how you can use it:
Sign Up: Create an account on OpenAI’s website. Navigate to the Playground: Once logged in, go to the Playground section.
Start Experimenting: You can input prompts in the chatbox and see how it responds. The Playground allows you to fine-tune settings like response length and temperature to get the best results.
2. Developer Access Developers can get 4o for free through OpenAI’s API with certain usage limits. Here’s the process:
API Key: Sign up for an API key on OpenAI’s website. Integrate: Use the API key to integrate 4o into your applications or projects.
Utilize Free Tier: OpenAI provides a free tier with limited usage. However, if you are a developer working on an open-source project or a non-commercial endeavor, you can apply for extended access.
3. Community Resources There are several community-driven platforms where enthusiasts share their API keys or set up 4o interfaces for public use. While this method relies on the goodwill of the community, it can be a great way to get GPT-4o without any costs.

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How to Get GPT-4o in ChatGPT

The address of ChatGPT changed, moving from to, suggesting a significant commitment to artificial intelligence as a product rather than an experiment. You can create a free account on and then you can see 4o in the drop-down option. you might be wondering how you can get unlimited uses of 4o normally you get around 10 prompts free for five hours( for some users this number is different) but here's the trick we are going to be using the free Chrome extension of Merlin which runs on 4o

As soon as you sign up for ChatGPT, you'll have access to the chat version of 4o, not all of the more advanced voice or video features. Those will be gradually rolled out over the next few weeks, starting with Plus and Team accounts. You will also be able to run code snippets, analyze images and text files and use custom chatbots.

You still have access to ChatGPT Voice on your mobile, but it's the version that was launched last year. The new model does not require this step since it is natively able to recognize speech, emotion, and human interaction without converting these into text.

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How to install chatgpt 4o?

1. Sign in to ChatGPT The first thing you need to do is sign in if you're using a paid or free version of ChatGPT. To connect to your account, go to the website or download the app. If you don't have any, just sign in. Go to the Google Play store or Apple App Store and search for GPT-4o, Install it from the official Openai app.

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2. Check your model choices You will see a menu at the top of your screen. Select GPT-4o from the model picker or gp4 latest

3. Start chatting OpenAI's 4o is a versatile and powerful model for writing and vision tasks. If you've got access, simply talk to this in the same way that you would with 4 or 3.5.  You can continue chatting to 4 or 3.5 if 4o does not work.
4. Change the model in a chat In the middle of the chat, you can change the model. For example, you can start a chat with 3.5 and select the sparkle icon at the end of your response to move to 4o.

5. Upload files Now, you will be able to send files to analyze if you have ChatGPT-4o. These could be pictures, videos, or even PDF files. You can then ask it any questions about the content. 6. Using OpenAI's GPT-4o for image summarization This model summarizes the picture by leveraging its vision capabilities.

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ChatGPT-4o represents a significant leap forward in artificial intelligence technology, offering advanced capabilities in text, audio, and visual processing. Its integration of multimodal reasoning in real-time opens up new possibilities for applications across diverse domains, from customer service to content creation and beyond. By understanding how to get 4o  individuals and organizations can harness its power to streamline processes, enhance user experiences, and drive innovation. As AI continues to evolve, 4o stands at the forefront, poised to revolutionize human-machine interactions and shape the future of AI-driven solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GPT-4o free?

Yes, 4o is available for free to ChatGPT users, with Plus users having a 5x cap.

2. Is GPT-4o better than GPT-4?

4o is considered better than 4 for generating code and basic text transformations with improved reliability. 4o offers enhanced capabilities like multimodality and is trained on data up to December 2023.

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3. Which one is better GPT 4 or 4 Turbo?

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4. What's new in GPT-4o?

In GPT-4o, several new features have been introduced, including real-time responses, enhanced voice modulation, improved understanding of sarcasm, and the ability to analyze and generate video content in real time.

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