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Insider Tips: How to Use GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, & GPT-4o

Imagine having the power of cutting-edge AI models at your fingertips. This guide will take you through the ins and outs of using GPT-4, GPT-4 Turbo, and GPT-4o. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a professional looking to leverage AI for your projects, we'll provide you with practical insights and step-by-step instructions.

Over the years it has become evident that the emergence of various artificial intelligence has led to the development of powerful language models. OpenAI’s GPT-4, 4 Turbo, and 4o are at the forefront, offering various capabilities to meet different needs. Understand the unique features of each model, how to implement them effectively, and real-world applications that can transform your workflow. Let’s dive into the world of AI together and harness the capabilities of these powerful tools. Learn how to access them in the API.

What is the new launch of Openai?

OpenAI has launched recent model in May 2023-> ChatGPT 4o. This is the newest and most advanced chat model by OpenAI that can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time without processing lag. It was a text and vision model initially; currently, it uses the voice mode feature that exists and converts voice to text to respond. 4o is available in ChatGPT Free, Plus, Team & Enterprise, and in the chat completions APIs.

Introduction to ChatGPT-4 Models

ChatGPT-4 is a standard model with advanced language processing power and comprehension capabilities, including creativity.
ChatGPT4: The highlighting points are the coherent applications, and text for various applications like creative writing, with improved and better comprehension of complex instructions.
Turbo: Cheaper than the standard model when comparing per token value
ChatGPT4o: Real-time voice conversations and engages with voice conversations, emotional Nuance in AI Voice. Also, Ai Adds emotional touches to make it seem real

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GPT-4o vs. GPT-4 Turbo

GPT-4o has the same high intelligence as turbo but it

  • is currently the fastest model there could be and is almost twice as fast as the turbo
  • cheaper , about half the price
  • and has higher rate limits
  • better vision capabilities
  • The improved states of language have been trained for best understanding and quick comprehension.

ChatGPT -4 Vs 4 Turbo

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Availability in the API

The ChatGPT-4o is available to anyone with an open AI account and you can access it via various APIs. After the minimum payment for the lowest user tier, a user gets access to the all the GPT 4 models.

FeatureChatGPT-4ChatGPT-4 TurboChatGPT-4.0
Release DateMarch 2023November 2023May 2024
Model ArchitectureTransformerOptimized TransformerEnhanced Transformer
Number of Parameters175 billion+Similar to GPT-4Refined architecture approx. 180 billion+
Training Dataset Size~45 TB~45 TB better curated~50 TB more diverse
Training Data CutoffSeptember 20212023 updateEarly 2024
Token Limit8K (standard), 32K (extended)128K128K+
Inference LatencyStandard20-50% reductionSimilar to Turbo optimized further
Cost per TokenHigher 20-30%cheaper than 4Similar to Turbo competitive pricing
Energy EfficiencyStandardImproved (10-20% less energy)Further improvement (additional 10%)
Fine-Tuning CapabilityAvailable but limitedAvailable with more flexible optionsAdvanced fine-tuning capabilities
Contextual UnderstandingHighHigh optimized parsingHigher with enhanced context management
Multimodal CapabilitiesTextlimited image supportText
Optimized for text processingTextenhanced imageand other modalities support
API ThroughputStandardHigher throughputMaximum throughput
RobustnessStandardImproved robustnessHigh robustness with dynamic adjustment features
AdaptabilityStandardBetter adaptability to specific tasksHighly adaptable with modular components

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Accessing GPT-4o with ChatGPT

ChatGPT Free Tier

The users in the free tier will be switched between the 4o and 3.5. This will vary with the amount of traffic on the server. When unavailable, The free tier users are switched back to ChatGPT 3.5. Free users also get to access these tools in addition to chat with the bot:

  • Data analysis 
  • File Uploads 
  • Browse
  • Discovering and using different models
  • Vision
  • ChatGPT 4o also has advanced vision capabilities it can see and understand the contents of an image.

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ChatGPT Plus and Team

ChatGPT Plus and Team subscribers have 4 and 4o access on with a larger usage cap.  ChatGPT Plus and Team users will be able to select 4o from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. The cap for a user for using GPT 4 and GPT-4o in the workspace is higher than that of the plus membership. The point to note and remember is that the unused messages don't accumulate over time and add up.

How to access GPT-4o?

Accessing the ChatGPT 4o is very simple it can be used like in chat mode similar to the ones used in 3.5 or 4. Or the newer mode the voice mode which conversates with you in real time. To get into voice mode

  • Open Play Store/ios app store and download the ChatGPT app made and published by OpenAI
  • Create an account in the app.
  • Click on the headphone icon right of the text box
  • Select your preferred voice for your assistant voiceover.
  • You are all set to GO!!!...
    Audio OptionVoice mode
    Chatgpt 4o Audio optionGPT4o-voice mode.jpg


Practical Uses & Real-World Examples:

  • GPT-4 is useful for creating tailored content and analysis on complex topics.
  • Turbo GPT is ideal for rapid content generation and handling high-volume inquiries.
  • GPT-4o is beneficial for natural dialogue and vision capabilities.


ChatGPT-4 models are at the cutting edge of AI technology. Each model brings unique strengths, catering to different needs and applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to GPT4 Turbo?

Turbo can be accessed by anyone who has an account in OpenAI or an account in any of their supported APIs like Merlin.

How to access Chat GPT 4o with OpenAI API account?

GPT-4o is available to anyone with an OpenAI API account, and you can use this model in the Chat Completions API, Assistants API, and Batch API. Function calling and JSON mode are also supported by this model. You can also get started via the Playground. - OpenAI

Is GPT4o available?

OpenAI launches GPT-4o, offering free access to users throughout the globe. The new model enhances human-computer interaction and supports audio, vision, and text in real-time.

Do I get access to GPT4o with Plus?

Yes, It can be accessed from any plan of ChatGPT either free or paid i.e, Free, Plus, Team & Enterprise, and chat APIs.

What is the difference between GPT4 and 4 Turbo?

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