How I Learned Advance Excel in 10 Days

Accelerate your Excel mastery in just 10 days! Uncover advanced features efficiently with strategic learning and Merlin AI's insightful summarization tools.

In today’s data-driven world, proficiency in Excel is not just an asset; it's a necessity. My journey into the deep end of Excel was both a challenge and an adventure, executed within a compact timeframe of 10 days. Here's how I transformed from a casual user to an adept user of advanced Excel, in much less time with the help of AI.

Tips for Learners

The best way to harness Excel's full potential is through continuous use and exploration. Plenty of resources, from online courses to forums, stand ready to help deepen one's understanding of Excel's advanced functionalities. Whenever I felt stuck, I went to different blogs and YouTube videos for answers.

Sometimes going through whole blogs and YouTube videos can be exhausting, especially if you come out empty after reading/watching through the whole thing. In these situations, Merlin AI came in very handy.

I used their YouTube Summarizer to sort through videos quickly. It made notes for me, which became great study material for future reference. Alongside the YouTube summarizer, their blog summarizer was a great help too. It quickly made precise and detailed notes out of all the blogs I found important and saved me a lot of time.

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Day 1-2: Laying the Groundwork

Understanding the Interface

Before diving into complex features, it was crucial to understand Excel's environment. Familiarizing myself with ribbons, tabs, and the Quick Access Toolbar laid the necessary foundation. Learning about cell referencing, ranges, and sheet management formed the core of my first two days.

Day 3-4: Mastering Core Functions

Exploring Logical Functions

Functions are the heart of Excel. Starting with SUM, AVERAGE, and VLOOKUP, I quickly moved on to logical functions like IF, AND, OR, and SUMIF. This understanding was pivotal in performing conditional operations—a staple in data manipulation and analysis.

Day 5-6: Diving Into Data Analysis Tools

Leveraging PivotTables

Data is only as good as your analysis, which is where PivotTables comes into play. I dedicated these days to understanding how PivotTables can summarize large data sets with drag-and-drop ease. Learning to filter, sort, and group data provided me with a powerful lens for insights.

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Day 7: Crafting Professional Charts

Advanced Chart Techniques

Visual representation is key for data interpretation. I practiced creating and formatting charts and exploring advanced features like trendlines, combo charts, and secondary axes.

Day 8-9: Getting Started with Macros

Writing Basic VBA Scripts

Automation is a game-changer in Excel. Through recording macros and writing simple VBA scripts, I managed to automate repetitive tasks. This not only saved time but also reduced the margin for error in complex calculations.

Day 10: Linking Excel with Other Applications

Utilizing Power Query

By the end of my intensive learning period, I was exploring how Excel integrates with other applications. Tools like Power Query allowed me to import and transform data from various sources without leaving Excel.

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My 10-day Excel odyssey improved not only my competency with the software but also my analytical thinking. The strategic breakdown of learning topics helped prevent overwhelm and ensured retention.


1. How does Merlin AI's YouTube Summarizer assist in Excel learning?

Merlin AI's YouTube Summarizer helps learners efficiently navigate through video content, providing summarized notes for quick reference. It serves as a valuable study aid, saving time and ensuring that key concepts from tutorials are readily available.

2. How can Excel learners benefit from utilizing the Blog Summarizer feature of Merlin AI?

Merlin AI's Blog Summarizer quickly generates precise and detailed notes from important blogs, saving learners significant time in consuming lengthy content. It serves as an effective tool for summarizing essential information for future reference.

3. Can AI assistance from tools like Merlin be used for specific Excel challenges?

Yes, AI tools like Merlin can be employed to address specific challenges in Excel learning. Whether it's navigating complex features or troubleshooting issues, leveraging AI assistance ensures efficient learning and provides valuable insights to overcome obstacles.

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