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How I learned Tableau in 15 Days

Master Tableau in 15 days with Merlin's Chrome Extension tools. Efficiently learn data visualization and unlock career opportunities today!

Tableau is a powerful data visualization tool used by organizations across myriad industries. It's designed to help translate raw, complex data into an understandable format.

I felt the need to develop my data visualization skills to further my career in data analytics. The decision to learn Tableau was born out of this desire, bolstered by Tableau's growing demand in the job market.

Mapping Out a Learning Plan

I decided to allocate 15 days to learn Tableau. Creating a detailed, structured plan proved instrumental to my learning journey. I used Merlin Chrome Extension to help me fast forward through this learning journey.

I used Merlin’s YouTube Summazier to help me make notes from YouTube videos. It also helped me practice projects and skills with easy tips from the YouTube videos. That saved me a lot of time watching the YouTube videos.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 140215.png

I also used their Blog Summarizer to make notes from all the blogs I read on theoretical tableau. It made it extremely easy to come back to topics and revise.

Screenshot 2023-11-28 140611.png

Resources for Learning Tableau

I found various resources to assist on my journey, including online learning platforms, Tableau community forums, and the extensive Tableau resources on the official website.

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Day 1-7

The first week was dedicated to the basics: connecting Tableau to data sources, creating basic charts, and familiarizing myself with the Tableau interface.

The Role of Data in Tableau

I learned not only about the importance of data but also how to use different data formats in Tableau. I practiced cleaning, reshaping, and combining data to optimize its use in Tableau.

My Daily Learning Schedule

I dedicated at least 4 hours a day to learning. This enforced consistency helped solidify the concepts learned.

Day 8-11: Scaling up with Intermediate Tableau Skills

Heading into the second week, I commenced learning intermediate topics like creating calculations, building interactive dashboards, and understanding Tableau Server capabilities.

Hands-On Tableau Projects

Applying what I'd learned in practical scenarios through mini-projects was immensely helpful. It bolstered my understanding and helped cement the concepts.

Overcoming Learning Hurdles

I experienced challenges throughout the learning process. But with self-motivation and External resources, I overcame these hurdles.

Day 12-15: Advanced Tableau Concepts

The last days were spent learning advanced concepts, such as API integrations, complex calculations, advanced chart types, and performance optimization.

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The Power of Data Visualization

By utilizing Tableau’s advanced features, I began to realize the full potential of data visualization in conveying complex data narratives.


Looking back, learning Tableau in 15 days was a challenging yet rewarding experience. It expanded my skill set, and I'm excited about leveraging this powerful tool to drive data-driven decisions in the professional world.


1. How did the Merlin Chrome Extension assist in learning Tableau?

Merlin's Chrome Extension, particularly the YouTube Summarizer and Blog Summarizer, expedited the learning process by providing instant summaries of videos and theoretical blogs. This streamlined approach saved time and enhanced the understanding of Tableau concepts.

2. What challenges were faced during the 15-day Tableau learning journey?

The FAQ delves into the challenges encountered during the learning process and how self-motivation, coupled with external resources, played a crucial role in overcoming these hurdles. It provides insights into the learning journey's highs and lows.

The FAQ suggests exploring resources such as Youtube Video 1, a comprehensive Article, and Youtube Video 2 to enhance the Tableau learning journey. These resources offer valuable insights and practical guidance for individuals looking to build their Tableau skills.

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Kalpna Thakur

Kalpna Thakur

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